Saturday, July 17, 2010

Won it for the Boss!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Last night, the Yankees played an awesome game against the Rays. Perhaps the biggest news about this game previous to the start was the moment of silence and ceremony concerning the deaths of Bob Sheppard and George Steinbrenner. Derek Jeter spoke in front of the fans and did a great job yet again.

Who proved to be the main star of the night? Not Derek Jeter, Tex, or A-Rod. Mariano Rivera had a clutch performance in the 9th inning with a 4-4 game at the time, but the main reason why it was 4-4 was because of my man Nick Swisher! Swish homered in the 8th inning to tie the game, and in the 9th, Swisher delivered a big game winning single!

I think this year is the year that Nick landed in NY. He's hitting home runs, hitting for average, made the All Star team and participated in the Home Run Derby. For all you people that think Swisher is overrated, watch out for him, because he's one of the hotter hitters in baseball right now! He performed in the clutch for the Bronx and the 2 men that passed away, and at least for today, he's considered a hero. Go Swish! See Ya!

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