Saturday, July 17, 2010

WAT Winner is...

Hey guys, Drew back here. This morning I found out about the winner of our worst autograph tournament, so I figured a final post would be good to make it official. Jason Jennings took home first prize while Vernand Morency fell just a bit short. So congrats Jason Jennings, Your auto sucks! Thanks again to all who helped me out with the tournament, Chris, Mike, and Jordan, great job! And after months of voting, Jason Jennings has indeed the worst autograph as voted by you the fans!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Yankees game, the first one for me this year. Andy Pettitte is going up against David Price, so that means a low scoring and very interesting one to come! I don't go to many Yankee games, usually 1 a year, so I cherish the game and it's always a blast. If you may remember last year, I went to Old Timers Day, and I opened 2 packs of 2009 Allen & Ginter for Gint-A-Cuffs while I was there. My dad also gave me a Ron Guidry autograph, my 1st of now 2 Guidry autos in my collection. So we hope to see the museum and maybe even Monument Park, and it should be fun. I'll definitely have more to come after the game!

One last thing, Bill Lee is now absolutely one of THE MOST rude Americans I know. Here is proof, what a jerk:

Ok, we need to end this post on a good note, I found out who my Red Hot Rookie is this year, unfortunately it's not Strasburg, but it was a deserving All Star!


I haven't redeemed it yet but I will soon. See Ya!


  1. I was reading some of your TTM's and I saw the Yogi Berra autograph. I wanted to know where you got the picture from and how long your letter was that you sent him, because im thinking about sending him a letter. I would right him about the same thing because Im your age too.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I bought the Yogi picture on eBay for a few bucks shipped and then I mailed it to him. My letter was probably half a page full of the whole love baseball, good grades, you know the deal, stuff like that. Personally I think I got really lucky with that one. Good luck though!


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