Thursday, July 29, 2010

2008 UD Masterpieces Box Break Part 2

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here. The grades are in, everyone passed to let you know, even though we're in the summer now. Let's see how 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces ranked among the elite!

Design: Do I even need to elaborate on how amazing this set looks? Everything looks fantastic! One of the nicest sets I've actually ever seen! And the parallels, wow, I feel like I'm at one of those fancy schmancy art stores, are out of this world! Design Grade: A+

Price: The Masterpieces prices are outstanding! This box cost about $30, and I really enjoyed the break as usual, the cards have such a unique feel to them and the artwork looks phenomenal. For $10 more than a typical blaster, you can get 2 hits, a bunch of parallels, and more than half of the base set. What a great deal. Price Grade: A+

Hits: This is where the product goes downhill. For the price, it doesn't make it terrible, but COME ON MAN! An Eric Chavez jersey! What has this world come to? Does Upper Deck think we actually enjoy owning tiny pieces of a couch-worn shirt worn by Eric Chavez? No, actually, we enjoy burning that garbage. Just for having Eric Chavez in the checklist makes this a downer for me. The auto checklist however, is pretty good. There's some bad stuff, like: Aaron Harang, Bill Hall, Chris Duffy, Daric Barton, Edinson Volquez, Chin-Lung Hu, J.R. Towles, Noah Lowry, and a few others. But, there's a good shot of getting Cal Ripken Jr, Ken Griffey Jr, and a few other stars. So, I like the chances for $30. Hits Grade: B-

Overall: All and all, this is one of Upper Deck's true Masterpieces. One of the most fun breaks I've had, and without a doubt worth the price, no matter what you may end up getting. So, I'm just trying to say, go out and buy yourself a box of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces for a cheap fun time! Overall Grade: A

Not a bad product according to the classmates (me)! This is without a doubt in my top five, maybe top 3 favorite current products, along with Allen & Ginter, UD Baseball Heroes, Piece of History, and Goudey. Please comment with your opinions! See Ya!

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  1. I like masterpieces. Don't know if I'd get a box, but they do look great.


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