Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TTM #11- Destroyed Edition

Hey everyone. All day I've been trying to get the videos from the Yankee game up but Blogger is terrible with loading videos, I'll have them up soon. A few days ago I got a through the mail back, from a Hall of Famer. Other than Bobby Doerr, I've had a really cold streak in all possible ways lately. Do I finally get in a roll here, well, keep reading.

This success was from Hall of Famer Bob Feller! I sent the custom plus 1 more card, and he sent back the custom and a different card, one that actually looks better than the one I had originally sent. The left card looks perfect, but as you can see, my custom is a disaster. First, it got creased right down the middle of the card and second I tried to make it look better by fixing a letter, and it smudged so I had to overwrite the whole words "Hall of". Although I'm really happy to get back from one of the oldest living Hall of Famers, I'm disappointed that my card came out so bad. I'm going to try it again, this time with my custom in a bubble mailer where it won't get ripped up in the mail. Protection is a big thing for me because I want the cards to look great and in good shape. I'm gonna write a letter to Feller explaining what happened and hopefully he'll sign again.

As far as Feller's career, he won 266 games with a winning percentage of .621. His career ERA was 3.25, and he struck out 2581 batters in his 18 seasons in baseball. He spent his entire career with Cleveland, and perhaps his finest season was 1940, when he went 27-11 with a 2.61 ERA and 261 strikeouts, winning the pitcher's Triple Crown award.

A great success, but I'm not even bothering to put a back on the card, and if I get another success, the screwed up custom is most certainly for trade, and if no one wants it, perhaps the garbage would be the best home for it. Wish me luck on try #2!! US Mail SUCKS! See Ya!

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  1. Just upload the videos to youtube and embed them in blogger - it's just copy/pasting a link. Much easier than trying to upload directly to blogger.


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