Monday, July 5, 2010

All Star Game Decisions

Hey guys, Drew back here. I saw the finalized rosters on many sites including a good amount of your blogs for the All Star Team this year. So, I wasn't very pleased. Many players that should have made did not, and many players that should not have made it... made it.

 All-Star Game Logo - 2010 MLB All-Star Game at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California

Let me start with the AL-

Catcher: Joe Mauer (No doubt about it, great player, deserves it no doubt)
1st Base: Justin Morneau (Have him on my team, definitely worth it, but why is he starting?)
2nd Base: Robinson Cano (Hmmmmmmm.... tough choice!)
Shortstop: Derek Jeter (gotta respect jete, he no doubt should be making this team)
3rd Base: Evan Longoria (A-Rod needs a year to rest, and Longo is doing great)
Outfield: Ichiro, Josh Hamilton, Carl Crawford (All 3 are very deserving)
DH: Vladimir Guerrero (He's having an outstanding year)

Ok, so far, so good, I like that lineup, but let's move on...


CC Sabathia (Pettitte should have made it over CC this year)
David Price (Good year)
Jon Lester (Good year)
Cliff Lee (Missed most of April, but has came back really strong, deserving)
Phil Hughes (Great year, glad he's finally coming around)
Clay Buchholz (Good year)
Fausto Carmona (Uhhhh... what? why? The Indians have better players than... this guy!)
Trevor Cahill (Some say it should've been Bailey, no, it's rightfully this guy)
Jose Valverde (Havin a strong year)
Matt Thornton (Ummmm... I don't get this, why why why?)
Joakim Soria (Yeah)
Neftali Feliz (Yeah, yeah, he's good)
Mariano Rivera (Came back big and looks great now)

Only 2 players questioned so far, Thornton, and Carmona, let's go to the bench

Victor Martinez (good, but hurt, John Buck is taking his place, he's doing pretty good too)
Miguel Cabrera (should be starting, having an MVP like season)
Dustin Pedroia (again hurt, Kinsler in for him, ehhh, he's alright)
Elvis Andrus (Pretty good young guy)
Alex Rodriguez (Having a good year, but not good enough to start)
Adrian Beltre (Another one with a great year going)
Ty Wigginton (WHAT? You know what, no, just no)
Torii Hunter (no problem with him)
Vernon Wells (great season, comeback player of the year???)
Jose Bautista (very underrated, having an excellent season)
David Ortiz (ummmm... he's coming back, but still, WHAT?)

That's just the AL, and since I don't watch much National League stuff, I won't do that. Just a few more thoughts.

OMAR INFANTE???? Ok, this game is for the BEST PLAYERS ONLY! What is he doing here?

Where are Joey Votto and Jered Weaver? Andy Pettitte, Justin Verlander? Huh?

Leave your opinions in the comments below. See Ya!

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  1. I'd make a case for Brennan Boesch....check out his numbers to the top hitters in the AL and NL and he should have been put on....guaranteed Heyward would have been on with all his hype if he'd have had the numbers Boesch had


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