Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yankees Game Pictures

Hey guys, Drew back here. Today, I have more pictures to share from our trip to Yankee Stadium on Sunday. So we left off after the museum, so I have some pictures from before the game started before we get to game time that I really like.

Praying couldn't even stop what was soon going to happen :(

You gotta like Andy Pettitte, he seems like a great guy

What a great shot, maybe one of the best

Gotta have Jeter in this!

How about a little Posada?

Another Cool Shot



O Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave!

Let the games begin!

Brett Gardner on the Run

Pettitte's Famous Staredown

Strike a Pose Curtis!

Swisher on Second after his nice double into deep center

Teixeira at the Dish

David Price

Rock on Curtis

Nick Swisher!

Carl Crawford/Jorge Posada/Robinson Cano

Evan Longoria!

An incredible close up of one of my favorites!

The outfielders visiting the air conditioned bullpen during a pitching change

Joba and Swish in the Bullpen

Brett Gardner Goofy Pose

Derek Jeter is showing how hot it is out

Robby is wondering what's going on

Derek Jeter Bunting

Jeter and Longoria

Me and Dad!

Robby Cano

Joba warming up

Joba vs. Longoria

Swish on the warning track, REALLY close to us!

Cervelli catching in the bullpen right below me!

Javier Vazquez throwing some pitches in the bullpen

The great Mariano Rivera

So as you can probably tell by the pictures, we had a great time. I didn't get a whole lot of action shots, but since we were so close to the players I needed some pictures up close of them. I'll have a few more pictures and some videos coming up in the final post about the game! See Ya!

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