Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Box Break Review Part 2

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, with the grading time of 2010 Allen & Ginter. Here we go!

Design: 2010 Allen & Ginter's new design looks better than ever, with a new green tint in the background with the usual tan color used as a border. The cards remind me of a fresh piece of spearmint gum, not only due to the green tint but also because they have a nice feel to them. I was skeptical at first when the product first came out, because I didn't know how they would look. That happens every year it seems for me, but it looks better than in my opinion, it ever did before. All the insert designs look nice too, but the one part of the set that wins most improved for me, is without a doubt, the relics/autos. The border is so bright and colorful, so no doubt, this is the best Hawaiian border to date in this product. Design Grade: A+

Price: Too much. My only complaint with Allen & Ginter year after year is the price. Sure, there is a chance you can get back what you paid for the box, but, more often than not, you normally don't. The cards sure are high quality and excellent looking, but spending $80-100 on a box with 3 hits, typically all relics and maybe 1 auto, is ridiculous. My love for this product is the only reason I keep going back and buying boxes. Price Grade: C

Hits: I already started to talk about the look of the hits this year, but I will continue here. Again, I'm lovin the Red Border that Topps used for the border for the autos and relics this year. My 3 hits in the box were pretty good, Kemp jersey, Dunn bat, and Scherzer auto, but nothing spectacular. But, I don't care. Why? Because they look amazing! Thats why. Hits Grade: A

Overall: Well.. 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter was a definite hit in this house. I definitely enjoyed opening the box, so did my dad, my mom liked some of the cards of the oddballs, and so did my sister. I was very impressed with the product this year though, but would I buy another box? Last year I bought 2, but only bought the second at the card show because I won a $50 gift certificate to any vendor and I bought it for $25. So, unless I get lucky again, I'm going to try and trade for the rest of the set that I'm missing. In my opinion, this is the product of the year, followed by Topps flagship. Great job Topps! Overall Grade: A

Not bad.... leave your thoughts in the comments! See Ya!

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