Sunday, January 25, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Piece of History Hobby Box Recap (2)

Old Post, but getting closer:

Yo, I've been so caught up with the awards that I didn't finish my Christmas box break recaps. I did a box of the Piece of History stuff, and now I only need 10 cards to complete the base card set (not including rookies and historical moments). By the way the legacy cards were different numbers but were the same pictures as the last box, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, and Bucky Dent, but we were shortened one legacy in last box, so we got a Ron Guidry one, one that I didn't have. So anyway, here are some #ed cards results:
- Russell Martin Blue Parallel #ed/25
- John Smoltz/Tim Hudson Cut From The Same Cloth #ed/799
- Ken Griffey Jr/ Carlos Beltran/ Jim Edmonds/ Andruw Jones Franchise Members 4 #ed/799
- Josh Beckett (Red Sox)/Josh Beckett (Marlins) Silver Cut From the Same Cloth #ed/149
- Miguel Cabrera Franchise History #ed/699
- Travis Hafner Box Score Memories #ed/699
- David Ortiz Box Score Memories #ed/699
- Jake Peavy/Dan Haren Cut From the Same Cloth #ed/799
- Steam Engine Gold Parallel #ed/75
- Alfonso Soriano Box Score Memories #ed/699
- Jonathan Papelbon Franchise History #ed/699
- Grady Sizemore Stadium Scenes #ed/25
- Joba Chamberlain Gold Franchise Histroy #ed/99
- Carlos Zambrano Timeless Moments Gold #ed/99

Here are the hits below...

Yep, that's right, my fourth Piece of History Hollywood Card. It's a Shirt From Spy Game worn by Brad Pitt. One of the better hits in a pretty weak overall box.

Here, my favorite out of the box, was a Chipper Jones Gold Box Score Memory Jersey Card #ed/75.

Not great, but a Travis Hafner Jersey Card (Stadium Scenes) not numbered.

Brandon Jones Autograph #ed/499. Not bad, I think he's good, but not all that sure.

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