Sunday, January 25, 2009

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Recap


What's up guys, drewscards here with a recap of an Allen & Ginter box I recently busted, as a Christmas present. I busted it on camera with Joemama (my dad), and we did very well. We got a lot of base, and minis, and state inserts. We got 2 country mini inserts of Israel and Oman, and we also got one of the Worlds Deadliest Sharks set cards (Great White). I got a legend insert mini of Walter Johnson, former pitcher, Hall of Famer. Our box topper was an N-43 card of Ryan Howard, which is nice. I also got a Crack the Code card of Deep Blue, some computer that beat a guy in chess, the 1st computer to do so. The two hits I got were a jersey of Brian McCann, and a jersey with a pinstripe right down the middle of Brad Hawpe. We also pulled a rip card (#ed/50) of David Ortiz. We tried the flashlight trick on it, but the flashlight wasn't good, so we opened the rip-card anyway and we got a SP mini of Josh Hamilton. I thought it was a great box, and so did Joemama. I need a lot of these cards to complete the set, but I may be able to. See Ya! (Below, Up-Down, McCann jersey, Ortiz rip card with mini inside, Hawpe jersey)

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