Wednesday, February 11, 2015

COMC Pickups: Nate 'The Great' & Don't Panik!

Hey everyone, Drew back here! I've been busy lately wrapping up my Spring Training TTM's and attempting to get the giveaway packages lately, but I've still been getting some new stuff in. I ordered a few cards off of with a few bucks I made selling, mostly to send out to players for Spring Training (link to my store if any of you are interested). I did purchase two cards for my actual collection though, one of a new Yankee pitcher and another of my newest PC player!

I first added this really stunning autograph card out of 2013 Topps Museum Collection of new Yankees pitcher Nate Eovaldi! I really liked their move for Nate this offseason despite losing Martin Prado, because no young, live arm should be counted out regardless of how they start their careers. Larry Rothschild has done an excellent job through his 4 years in New York as pitching coach, and last year he looked especially good for how he transformed now Dodger Brandon McCarthy. I hope he can do the same with Eovaldi, because having a trio of him, Tanaka, and Pineda could turn out to be lethal a few years from now (or could be a complete disaster but I'm trying to think positively). This one is signed on card and is numbered out of 699, and is my first autograph of his in my collection. And no, he is nowhere near "Great" yet, I just suck at coming up with post titles.

I was also able to add this pretty cool 2013 Bowman Chrome mini "Blue Wave" refractor card of Giants second baseman Joe Panik. I decided to start collecting Panik after he helped lead the Giants to the World Series in his rookie season. As I've mentioned numerous times, he is a hometown kid, and with that I hope to make a primary focus of my card collection in the future. This one is part of the "Cream of the Crop" insert set, and is numbered 240/250. It looks even better in person!

So, that's all for today. Before I go, in case any of you were curious, I just added an 'About Me' page to the top of my site, and you're all more than welcome to check it out. I tried to outline the story of my years throughout the hobby, because I'm aware that some people find it interesting how I kicked this site off when I was 12. Believe me, the writing wasn't nearly as high quality (some of you can attest to that for me), but I've loved this hobby for as long as I can really remember and I don't plan on letting go anytime soon. Now, I really need to get my hands on a 2015 Topps blaster.

See Ya!

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  1. I think Nate will be great. Initial rumors were that the Marlins were possibly interested in Pedro Alvarez for Nate. I would have loved that trade because I think the young right hander has front of rotation upside.


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