Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Calling All Team Collectors: FREE STUFF!

Hey guys, Drew back here! I spent most of yesterday setting up stacks of duplicate cards for every single team, and I wanted to do something nice for all of you. Not only would I clear some space in my mancave, but I'd also be able to find better homes for some cards I don't have any use for.

If you are interested in taking a stack of cards of your favorite team for FREE, please be sure to be following my blog and leave a comment in the post below. Then, email me ( with your address if I don't have it already, and I'll have the cards out to you as soon as I can.

I've already reserved a few stacks for some of my close friends in the hobby, but I've indicated below which teams are and are not available. There are some fairly nice cards in each stack, and hopefully each group has a few cards you can appreciate. Some piles contain more cards than others, so please don't feel like any ridiculous biases are involved. The cards are mostly from the 2000's, but can date as back as the early 1980's for some teams! I'm not looking for any reciprocation with this, so please don't worry about paying me back for any of this!

Arizona Diamondbacks: TAKEN
Atlanta Braves: TAKEN
Baltimore Orioles: Reserved
Boston Red Sox: Reserved
Chicago Cubs: Reserved
Chicago White Sox: TAKEN
Cincinnati Reds: TAKEN
Cleveland Indians: OPEN
Colorado Rockies: TAKEN
Detroit Tigers: TAKEN
Houston Astros: TAKEN
Kansas City Royals: OPEN
Los Angeles Angels: TAKEN
Los Angeles Dodgers: TAKEN
Miami Marlins: TAKEN
Milwaukee Brewers: TAKEN
Minnesota Twins: TAKEN
New York Mets: TAKEN
New York Yankees: Reserved
Oakland Athletics: TAKEN
Philadelphia Phillies: TAKEN
Pittsburgh Pirates: TAKEN
San Diego Padres: TAKEN
San Francisco Giants: TAKEN
Seattle Mariners: TAKEN
St. Louis Cardinals: Reserved
Tampa Bay Rays: TAKEN
Texas Rangers: TAKEN
Toronto Blue Jays: TAKEN
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos: OPEN

Again, all I need is a comment, a follow, and an email with your address, and you get free stuff! What can be better than that?

See Ya!


  1. I'll take any Reds you have Drew. Thanks!

  2. always down for some Phillies...
    and already following under Dawgbones...

  3. I'd love your Mets pile. I'm getting back into collecting after nearly 20 years away from the hobby.

  4. I'll take the Rangers. Is that a non-sports stack I see?

  5. If you need a place to send the White Sox, I'll take them.

  6. I'd be happy with Dodgers. I'll email you later today.

  7. I would like your Brewers Stack!!!

  8. I'd love the D-backs! I'll email you, Thanks!

  9. Tigers please. I'll send an email.

  10. I should desire the Twins. Thanks. Email to follow.

  11. Im not a big Devil Rays fan but I like some of the players they've had since breaking into the league.I don't want to take the oppurtunity away from a true fan of the Rays,but If no one speaks up ,I'll be willing to take them off your hands.

  12. Since no one's claimed them yet, I'll take the A's. Thanks!

  13. The Mets cards arrived today. Thank you so much! Having been away from cards for so many years, I had never seen most of these designs before. I was very impressed with the selection. The majority were my first cards of these players.
    I hope to one day return the favor. I just created a new blog where I intend to post my wantlists and everything I have to offer. Please follow if you're interested,

    Thanks again!

  14. I'll take the Padres/ Mariners If no on claims them.

  15. Hi, if the Giants or Marlins are still available, I'll take them off your hands. I'll send an e-mail. Thanks!

  16. Hi - I'd be interested in the Astros pile. Thanks!

  17. I would like to take the Cleveland Indians


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