Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TriStar OBAK Football Contest Winners!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Today is my birthday, however as I have promised for a few weeks, I'm going to give some of you a gift! For those that took the opportunity to enter my contest, I thank you so much. It was a heck of a lot of fun reading all of your stories you wrote about for your entries, and I really appreciate you all taking the time out to get in on the fun of celebrating this blog's 1000th post! We didn't get quite enough entries for me to consider giving the big prize away, but all of the other cards from the break will be leaving my home in a few days! 

So, all of you who entered know how this went down with the 5 separate groups. Of course, if you didn't enter each one, you were only eligible for the groups you entered into. And, for those of you who shared the link and plugged up my blog, you received an additional entry into each group you entered. Basically, it gave you guys two shots at winning each group. Without any further ado, I'll now reveal to you guys the winners of each group of cards from the box break. Each name was entered in the appropriate amount of times, and was randomed on Random.org 10 times to give me a winner. Here goes!

GROUP A: The African American Innovator Collection
Winner: Connor

GROUP B: Pioneers of the Game
Winner: BA Benny

GROUP C: Award Winners 
Winner: Greg Zakwin

GROUP D: Legends of the Hall
Winner: High-Five Man

GROUP E: American Heroes/Best of the Rest
Winner: Josh D.

If you won one of the groups please shoot me an email to yanks1996wsc@gmail.com so I can ship your packages (besides Connor), and if they go unclaimed within the next week I'll re-randomize the list and pick a new winner! Thanks once again to everyone who helped make fun things like these possible, and again, for everyone who entered! And also, thanks to Tristar one last time for sending me this box to review! Now to go celebrate my 16th B-Day, I'm off to the Izod Center to see Aerosmith in concert!

See Ya!


  1. Happy Burfday Dude!! Nice way to celebrate your birthday! Aerosmith is awesome though I've never seen them live. I'm actually going to see Toby Keith on Thursday night and then Nickelback on Saturday night! Have a GReat night! Congrats to all the winners!

  2. I've seen Aerosmith 3 times; you are in for a treat. Happy Birthday buddy, to one of my best friends. I hope you have a really good time.

  3. Happy Birthday , congrats to the winners and Thanks for the contest..

  4. Happy Birthday Drew!

    Was wondering if you could comment on the emails going about the Rookies Youth League. Email has been sent your way about that.

  5. Happy 16th! and thanks for the contest, e-mail coming shortly!

  6. Drew,
    Happy B-day hope you had a gr8 night.
    Let me know if you'd be interested in trading the Stram card would love to add it to my HOF collection sure we can come up with something you want that I have LMK. Thanks, Dion

    email me soskinfamily@yahoo.com


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