Friday, July 6, 2012

1000th POST CONTEST! Lots to Give Away!

Hey everyone, Drew back here for now the 1000th time in the history of this blog! Before I get to what I promised in the title, I just wanted to say a few quick things. First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you out there who has taken some of their time out from their day to give this website a look! I grew up always being a numbers guy, and seeing some of the numbers of page views and followers and comments and what not is just astounding to me. While in the past year this blog has been wildly inconsistent (similar to AJ Burnett), it doesn't mean I'm losing my passion for the sports memorabilia hobby, it's just been that I've had a lot going on. These teenage years always offer a lot of excitement and memories and I don't want to spend those moments behind the screen of a computer the entire time. However, when I get a chance, I absolutely love to throw a post up about how my collection is coming along, as well as reading all of your blogs! You all have built me a certain amount of confidence that I can't thank you enough for. I feel like I have fans when I get on here, even though some times in my real world life it may not seem that way as much. So, not only do I do this for me, but I do this most definitely for all of you as well.

And it's about time I paid some of you back for all you've helped me through over the years! A while back, I promised to give away the contents of the Tri-Star OBAK football box I opened, and well, other plans got in the way. However, today, and for the next two weeks, you will all get an opportunity to win a piece of the break! I know my blog following is shifted much more towards baseball than football fans, however, some of these prizes are just too nice to pass up! I divided the contents of the box into five respective categories, each of which are fairly simple to enter. There are 3 autographs scattered within the groups they belong in, but the groups not containing autographs do have nice parallels and minis as well. So, without any further delay, I'll jump right into each group, one at a time, and I'll tell you how to enter for a chance to win the cards in the group! Let's Go!

GROUP A: The African American Innovator Collection
Throughout the past hundred years, exciting new talent has come along when professional sports opened the floodgates and let African American people play. Some of these athletes will go down as some of the most talented and best all around players of all time! To win the group of cards below, highlighted by a box topper numbered 1 of 25 featuring on one side, Emlen Tunnell, the first African American in the HOF, and on the other side Charles Follis, the first African American Pro Football player; as well as a green base parallel of Tunnell numbered 3 of 25, please name in the comments below your favorite African American Athlete of all time (any sport).
(click to enlarge photo)

GROUP B: Pioneers of the Game
For all of you history buffs out there, Tri-Star certainly hooked you up in this product! In it features so many cards of players/coaches/executives that don't often get much of a spotlight, although they may have had remarkable careers! In this lot of 23 cards plus a mini of the father of American football, you can not only take home some very nice cardboard but you can learn an awful lot about the game that you may not have known before. Since so many of these people were very smart, I would like to know, in order to win the lot below, what has been your smartest investment/purchase you have ever made (inside or outside of this hobby). 

Group C: Award Winners
Alright, here's where things start to kick it up a notch! I'm not saying not to put in for the first two groups, because A) they're easy to join and B) I'd love to read your answers, and C) you could win! Anyways, in this lot of 22, you will find cards with recipients of awards such as the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award, the Bear Bryant Award, and the Doak Walker award, all of which are prestigious college football awards! Bo Jackson is featured twice in this lot, as well as 2 great autographs of former Heisman Trophy winners Charlie Ward (numbered out of 50) and Andre Ware (numbered out of 75)! Both had great college careers and would be nice additions to any fans collection! In order to take home this solid lot, please leave me a comment sharing one of your favorite stories having to do with this hobby! It can be anything, just make sure it's longer than a sentence as this is one of the better lots in the contest!

Group D: Legends of the Hall
Simply put, this lot is filled, and I mean filled with Hall of Famers- whether in the Pro Football Hall of Fame or the College Football Hall of Fame! How about 46 cards everyone, including an autograph numbered to 100 of Hall of Famer Jim Otto (famous for wearing #00), as well as 11 minis, one of which being a green parallel mini of legendary running back Earl Campbell, numbered only 23 of 25! For free? I would not pass this lot up if I were you guys, without a doubt. All you have to do to win this big chunk of cards is leave a comment stating one thing you love about the hobby today as well as one thing you hate about it. That's it. 

Group E: American Heroes/Best of the Rest
The final major group of cards you can take home is a bit of the miscellaneous stuff, but one big portion of this  43 card lot has to do with players who've been in the military during World War II and Vietnam, as well as 5 cards of former Presidents Reagan, Nixon, Kennedy, Ford, and Johnson (all of whom had a significant impact on the game at one point or another)! Besides those cards, you can find a green parallel of legendary kicker Morten Anderson numbered out of 25, and cards of many #1 Draft picks, NFL stars like Dante Hall, Kurt Warner, and Roger Craig, and many more! In order to take home this final lot, all you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment saying that you did! 


A few quick extra notes for you guys:
- If you plug the contest and advertise it on your own respective blog or site, and put it in with your contest submission, you will receive TWO additional entries to each group you put in for! So instead of getting the one chance for entering, you can have 3 chances to win each group! (Note: You must enter at least one group to gain the additional 2 entries)
- If 50 or more people enter this contest, I will throw everyone's name into a hat and whoever I pull will win the big pull of the box, a 1/1 cut autograph of Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach Hank Stram! This card can sell anywhere between $100 and $200 from what I've seen, so if you really want a chance to win it, plug this contest up!

- If 75 or more people enter, I will do the same as I can do with the cut, and the winner will receive a mystery group of cards from my collection. You can bet that there will be some pretty nice stuff in there! I don't know if we can get this many entries, especially for a football contest, but keep in mind the more you plug this contest on your own blog the better chance you have to win some nice prizes!

Also, please put all of your entries in one comment, just to make things easier. So, this is my gift to you guys, and I really hope you take advantage of some of these prizes! I don't care what you do with them if you win, because you guys deserve every bit of this! Thank you once again to the good folks at Tri-Star for providing my blog the opportunity to review this product, and well, best of luck to every person who enters!


Thank you for every moment, and here's to another thousand! 

See Ya!


  1. Group A: Warren Moon
    Group B: Best investment ever was buying a house and a plot of land.
    Group D: One thing I love about this hobby is the people you 'meet', whether in person, or online. One thing I hate about this hobby is the amount of complaining everyone does(myself included)
    Group E:Been following this blog from the beginning.... thanks Drew.

  2. Grope E: Following already
    Grope D: I love trading and meeting new friends what I hate is that it takes so much time in your day and my parents think it is a wast of time.
    Grope C: Love the people
    Grope B: Getting a Chapman card that I have been wanting for a great price
    Grope: A Jackie Robinson

  3. Group A: Dr. J Julius Erving
    Group B: My house but it has taken a hit in the last couple of years. lol
    Group C: My story comes from a few years ago when I was 11 or 12 and was at the little league world series with my parents in williamsport PA and got to meet and get an autograph from Ernie Banks was the start of my life long collection. "Let's play two"!
    Group D: Love the quality of the photos on the cards compared to when I was a kid but hate that there are thousands of cards of the same players every year.
    Group E: I'm a follower.

    Drew, if you don't give the 1/1 of Hank Stram away in the contest maybe I can trade for it? Would love to add it to my HOF Football collection.LMK

    Also will pimp the contest on my blog.

    Thanks, Dion

  4. A: Bo Jackson
    B: Our new house (on a side note, out old house was the worst purchase I ever made...)
    C: My favorite story having to do with the hobby is that I had the chance to interview Virgil Trucks on the telephone and blog about it.
    D: One thing I love about the hobby is getting a TTM autograph. I've been able to learn about some great old-timers just by trying to get them TTM. Something I hate about the hobby is the fact that brick and mortar card shops are becoming a thing of the past.
    E: Drew, if I had a dollar for every day that I've been following your blog, I could buy that Jimmie Foxx signed baseball I've always wanted.
    **There is a gadget on the sidebar of my blog that will be promoting your contest. Extra points for me!

  5. A: Hank Aaron

    B: My best investment would be penny stock I jumped in at 15 cents a share that is now over 2 dollars a share.

    C: A great hobby story is from the year I took my son's baseball team to Cooperstown for a tournament and met Clete Boyer in a memorabelia shop and hung out with him for over an hour listening to his stories.

    D: I love the trading part of the hobby. I hate the part where people over value cards due to hype with no basis from a players track record.

    E: I have been a follower for a couple of years now.


    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Group A: Fergie Jenkins

    Group B: Best investment...bought a tech. based mutual fund about a decade ago that did very well

    Group C: My grandfather left me a boxes and boxes of cards in his will, it's what has motivated my re-discovered love for the hobby

    Group D: I love the online community, especially trading with people who love cards and teams and players and cardboard more than profit and price. I dislike the trend towards massive hits (triple quad relic books video cards) and away from big checklists, great designs, and low prices.

    Group E: Am a follower

  7. Group A: Jackie Robinson

    Group B: Since I'm not old enough to have owned a house or anything yet, I'll go a little outside the box. My best investment was probably a Three Stooges box set I bought online a few years ago. The episodes aren't on TV much anymore and you can't find those things anywhere else.

    Group C: One afternoon, my dad came across some kids running a lemonade stand. The kids who were running it also happened to be selling some baseball cards off to the side. My dad came home with a big stack of cards for me that day (which he got for two bucks), one of which was a 1960 Topps Whitey Ford that I still own and always will.

    Group D: Trading online, and the blogosphere in general. It's expanded my collection further than I ever could've imagined. I don't like people who continuously by cards or boxes as "investments", as well as the overemphasis on "book value" in today's hobby. (Which I actually just did a post about.)

    Group E: Already following.

    Thanks for the contest, Drew!

  8. I just want to congratulate you on your 1,000's post ... that really is a ton of posts. I've been reading for a while now and don't really comment, so figured I better chime in now. I don't want to be entered in the contest, but those are some great prizes, good luck to everyone.

  9. A:Ernie Davis
    B:Smartest invesment was my college degree. It has paid for its self many times over.
    C:My favorite story is meeting obtaining George Bush Sr's (41) autograp at a rice baseball game. After signing the ball Bush told me to walk away a little and he threw it to me as a a knuckleball!
    D:I love the commerady and story telling that happens at card shows and now on the blogosphere. I hate the super short prints that make it next to impossible to complete a set.
    D: I am following this blog.

    I pimped your contest on my blog:

  10. Hats off to ya for your 1,000 post! Take an extra lap around the bases!


    B. Smartest Investment: buying 25 shares of Intel Computer stock back in 1994 from my work place. $$$

    C. I had an opportunity to talk on the phone directly with Rodney Hampton. When I worked for UPS I found out that UPS sponsors his annual Charity Basketball Tournament in Houston and I wanted to see if I could get a jersey signed by him if I mailed it to the charity with a donation. I was able to get in touch with the Charity and when I asked the secretary if it was possible that I could send a jersey to get it personalized and she said that would be no problem and she gave me the address and then asked me if I wanted to speak with Rodney as he was in the office. Needless to say my JAW hit the floor. My wife (at that time) thought I was having a heart attack as I was shocked. She put him on the phone and when I first heard his voice I could not believe that I was finally speaking to one of my favorite football players. After the initial shock I was able to carry a good 20+ minute conversation with him. We talked about a lot of different things and he is the most down to earth person I've ever talked to on the phone. I was so high after our conversation it took me a few days to come down. I was able to get my jersey signed and talk with my sports hero that was a dream come true for me personally.

    D. The one thing I do love about this hobby is the friends you make/meet and the connections with other bloggers. Something so simple as trading cards has led to all kinds of different kinds of relationships for some folks!
    The one bad about this hobby is when card companies are constantly pumping out redemption cards. If you don't have the item then don't release the product yet!

    E.Already drinking the drewscards "kool-aid" and already pimping out the site to the AMISH MASSES:

  11. and just to clarify, the "high" as mentioned in my phone conversation is NOT a drug related high.

  12. Group A: Jackie Robinson
    Group B: Best investment ever was getting married. So many ongoing benefits from that.
    Group C: My buddy who runs an online box breaking site, set up a booth at a local festival to sell cards. It was a great event, and many young kids were addicted to box breaking, after offering teams for very cheap prices! It was an exciting time to see many young collectors get passionate about cards!
    Group D: One thing I love about this hobby is the groupbreak phenomenon-I love being able to purchase teams, to get some great hits, instead of investing in a full box. One thing I hate about this hobby is retail packs-such poor odds of getting a good hit, and expensive per pack.
    Group E: Started following from this point forward!
    linked you:

  13. Group A: Josh Gibson. It's a catcher thing.
    Group B: My best investment was buying my then girlfriend an engagement ring. Almost 17 years later and I'm way up on that investment.
    Group C: My favorite moment happened 28 year after I started collecting. My then 8 year old son, who had previously been uninterested in baseball, asked to buy his first pack. With his own money. It was great and he's been a card nut ever since.
    Group D: I love the camaraderie of all the bloggers. It's made the hobby fun again. I think what I dislike the most is a tie between the Toppsopoly, packsearchers and sticker autos.
    Group E: I've been following along since the early days and I pimped the contest today:

    Thanks Drew and congrats on reaching a big milestone!

  14. A) Bryan Randall...yeah yeah yeah, I know nobody has ever heard of him. He was VT's quarterback when I first started school there.

    B) Well, as far as investment goes, I did pick up a couple Verlander Sweet Spot autos before he exploded. However, I wont see any cash for my investment because they aren't leaving my collection. Outside of that, my best purchase was a box of 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History. I got a freakishly good box that included a Joe DiMaggio Yankee Stadium Legacy Memorabilia card. I paid $45 for the box, and the DiMaggio sold for $255.

    C) My favorite story is doing a live pack break at the grave of Lewis Ginter, one of the two men behind Allen & Ginter. I wrote about it here:

    D) I love the blogging and collecting community and making trades. I think one of the key elements of a good hobby is having folks to share it with. The thing I hate about it is the price-per-card of almost every set that comes out. The reliance on "hits" to carry a product has made pack prices rise. Even retail versions with much longer odds don't increase the number of base cards. I think the worst offender I've seen so far is 2012 Topps Archives. Given the low quality of the base cards, it should have had at least 15 base cards in a ~$3 pack.

    E) I am finally Following. For some reason, I hadn't clicked the follow button on many blogs, but I assure you I have been reading for quite a while. Thanks for the contest!

    Also, I have pimped the contest. The post is scheduled for 5:01 PM tomorrow (Sunday July 7 - didn't want to cover up my 5pm Saturday post).

  15. A. Donovan McNabb

    B. Best investment - I've started a college fund for my six month old son. So I'm hoping in 18 years it's still my best investment.

    C. My favorite hobby story took place in 2000. I got home from school on my birthday, and I had a TTM waiting for me from Tino Martinez, my all time favorite player.

    D. One the I love - TTMs. One thing I hate - the Topps monopoly.

    E. I follow!

  16. A. Matt Kemp, my favorite athlete period!

    B. My smartest investment would probably be buying as much Ryan Getzlaf right now as I can, when a lot of people are down on my favorite hockey player.

    C. One of my favorite stories revolves around meeting Matt Kemp at an autograph signing that I camped out at for 14ish hours. I bought some cards during said 14 hours, but the entire experience was one I'll always cherish. Here's the entire story:

    D. I love being able to trade with so many fantastic people. I dislike when cards that should clearly be signed on-card have sticker autos. Doesn't mean I won't pursue them but it just annoys me, I guess.

    E. Been a follower for some time!

    Pimped good sir!:

    Thanks for the contest Drew, and congrats on 1000!

  17. (A) My favorite African American player of all time has to be David Ortiz. He is a character on and off the field, good attitude, and he spends an enormous amount of time with the boys and girls clubs of America.

    (B) The best purchase/investment I have ever made, was the lawnmower that I use to work jobs around the area. It has more than earned the money back I used to buy it with. And it currently supports my hobby!

    (C) The best story I could think of, is when I went to see William (foulbunt) down in Raleigh NC for a big card show. I love the card shows down his way and it was a pleasure going to it! Little did I know it would be quite the embarassing one, and LUCKY one as well! I looked around the whole show and didnt find much that interested me, (aside from the Stephen Strasburg booklet card that I didnt have enough money for) so I decided to take a chance at the BRAND NEW 2012 Bowman. I bought two jumbo packs of it, and the dealer i bought them from followed me over to Williams table where I opened them. first pack, nothing. Second pack I got an autograph! Well, that autograph card had me asking the question (outloud!) Who is YU DARVISH?!? William looked up at me with this priceless grin on his face and just said ohhh boy...he was grinning ear to ear. The Texas Rangers fan behind me nearly wet his pants when he saw that card come out. HE explained to me who "YU DARVISH" was.... I was thoroughly embarassed, but at the same time, thrilled to have an autographed prospect card in my hands! Looking back on it now, it was an awesome experience and story. (ohh and about that strasburg booklet...I ended up buying that with the money I racked up by selling the DARVISH autograph card!)Now I look back on it and just laugh....haha who is YU DARVISH. funny question. :)

    (D)I love the way Topps puts autograph and relic cards into packs! It really gets you closer to the game and the players! Where would the hobby be without the autos and relics?!? I dislike some people in the hobby that when trying to trade cards, they think that their "only okay cards" are worth the world, and they try cheaping you out. I guess thats to be expected with every hobby :/

    (E) Already following and will continue!

    Congrats Drew! 1000 posts is quite an accomplishment! Keep up the nice work! And thanks for the chance at the contest!

  18. Group A--Willie O'Ree (I'm a hockey guy)

    Group B--Yard sale in the 80's--Guy Lafleur rookie card for $0.10

    Group C--Speaking from personal experience and hockey players, they are the most down to earth guys as a whole. Whether at paid signings or IP, I have not had a bad experience and many good ones. Doug Gilmour joking around and told a kid that Doug was spelled DUG

    Group D--Love how fellow bloggers answer the call. Whether you need info or assistance, someone is alwasy there for you.
    Hate all the scammers in the autograph field. Takes away from the enjoyment and the integrity of others.

    Group E--Congrats on the milestone. Long time reader, now a follower

    Your contest link will be on my site later this week.

    Thanks Drew

  19. a) Gotta go with Sweetness - Walter Payton. Class act on and off the field.

    b) So far, taking FPU (Financial Peace University). Still trying to get it rolling, but the basis is there to make life very simple in our financial future.

    c) I'll have to put two things here. One is the suck up at finding a great community of bloggers and traders as I have found here. My trading has made leaps and bounds since joining the community. Second would be finding some great pulls, like the Bryce Harper Archive that I rolled into $200, which helped pay for half of a tablet for my wife. SCORE!

    d) Love the thrill of the hunt. The inserts can make pack ripping fun. Hating the price of the packs, lately.

    e) SCREW YOU ON THE FOLLOW, BUDDY AND ok. Following. I'm sorry.

  20. A. Satchel Paige
    B. The first pack of cards I ever bought-it got me into this great hobby!
    C. One of my favorite stories is meeting Ed "TooTall" Jones completely by accident. I was at the Shoe Carnival to buy some new tennis shoes, and TooTall happened to be doing a free autograph signing right then. I was able to get a signed photo that is still one of the most-prized autographs in my collection.
    D1. The community that is the blogosphere
    D2. Topps monopoly/price of packs
    E. I'm following, for a while now!

  21. A:Bo Jackson, Jim Brown, Josh Gibson...believe it or not, I think I'll go with Willie Mays!
    B:This is sappy, but I'll say the engagement ring for my wife of 16 years.
    C:I hope my favorite story in the hobby is how we all supported Greg from 'Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle' and helped him win a Koufax auto. But it looks like it won't happen...
    D:I love the people that I get to interact with, both on blogs and in person. Great folks! I hate the overproduction of gimmicks. I miss the days when 'base' cards were the point, not the junk.
    E:I follow!!

    I pimped!

  22. A- Patrick Ewing
    B- Purchasing a House
    C- Being able to spend time with my son going through cards @ the local show and watching him write letters to his favorite players for an autograph. Big smiles when he gets a return..
    D- Love bringing my son and his new to the hobby friends to local card shows.HATE , not knowing if a dealer has " fished " out the hit pack in an opened box of cards when i want to buy a pack.
    E- I am a follower

    Congrats on your blog..

  23. A: Charles Barkley
    B: Going to college
    C: By Far getting to meet Don Mattingly at a card signing event. He was my childhood hero.
    D: What I love, currently, is Allen and Ginter. I really enjoy the product. What I hate about it is the price of a box of cards.

  24. Hey Drew, love the blog and your passion for the hobby. I'm really only interested in Group C, so here's my hobby story:

    I've been getting autographs at Syracuse Chiefs games since I was in high school in the late '90s. In April 2000, I was at a game vs. the Ottawa Lynx on a COLD Sunday afternoon. I was down by the visitors dugout, and the big, burly first-base-side security guard (thankfully fired the following season)was attempting to clear out the few 'graphers before the game. Ottawa pitcher J.D. Smart was signing a bunch of cards for the couple next to me, and the security guy said "alright, everyone clear out." J.D. said "in a minute" to which the guard bellowed "No,'re done." J.D. stopped, slowly turned his head up to the guy, glared, and said "I said I'm DONE when I'm DONE" and finished signing the cards. He instantly became one of my all-time favorites (even though it wasn't I whom he was signing for).

  25. Hey drew!
    Group A: Jackie Robinson the courage of this guy, one of the greatest leaders of all time, is unmatched.
    Group B: Since I am still pretty young I don't have to many investments. However one of my smartest would have to be buying my first pack of cards last year, which really got me in the hobby.
    Group C: One of my favorite stories happened recently, this past weekend to be exact. Going to the card show in the civic center really got me into card shows and I got some really cool stuff! I also got to meet THE Whitey Ford. It was an awesome experience as I also got an autograph from post-season great Shane Spencer!
    Group D: Love- I love being able to get autos, and especially relic cards as you can own a piece of the game and history!
    Hate- How expensive the hobby can be! Especially for a high school student with out a job haha!!!
    Group E- Been following since we became close last year and I love the blog!!!

    By the way, I advertised your contest on my side bar!!!

  26. Greetings...Thanks for the contest and congrats on your 1000th post!

    A. Andre Dawson.
    B. At this point, my C-PAP machine. Otherwise would have been suffocated by the wife by now.
    D. The blogosphere is something I have grown to love about the hobby. What I hate is the SP / SSP phenomenon. You can't complete a set when missing the short prints!
    E. The battle has been joined...member #156, WOOO!

    BTW, I've been having a heck of a time posting, so sorry if you're getting a bunch of post attempts from me!

  27. A) David Robinson

    B) Maximizing my 401(k) company match and Stock Purchase plan benefits.

    C) I got Mike Sweeney to autograph a card of his when I was on my honeymoon. He said "Do you want me to sign something for your girlfriend, too?" Then I replied, "That's not my girlfriend anymore -- that's my wife!" :-)

    D) I love traders -- people willing to give more than they get -- and have been getting better at trying to emulate them. I hate high box prices and the quest for more outlandish relics. Give me the cheap stuff (I'm happy Triple Play is coming back).

    E) Following....NOW! :-)


    Thanks for the contest, Drew!!!

  28. A. Favorite African American Athlete of all time: Alonzo Mourning, went to Indian River High with him way back in the 80s!

    B. What has been your smartest investment/purchase you have ever made: My 2011 Harley Nightster, it has/is bringing me so much joy!

    C. Please leave me a comment sharing one of your favorite stories having to do with this hobby:

    From one of my favorite posts: (

    ...This card normally takes me to a happy place, remembering the friendship I've made with a long lost neighbor. The other place it can take me is happy most of the time, but sometimes it can be sad. The person pictured is obviously Mickey Mantle, one of my PC subjects, and probably the most famous player to have ever worn the number 7 jersey. The sometimes happy/sometimes sad part is the cute pup perched on Mr. Mantle's knee. The first dog that came into my life was a very beautiful German Shepherd - Golden Retriever mix that we chose to name Seven. She looked almost identical to the pup pictured on the card. Sadly, we lost her to cancer shortly after her 7th birthday. There are days when I really miss her, despite having four other dogs in my life currently. Looking at this card reminds me of that crazy little puppy that entered my life for such a short time, but left a permanent love for dogs in my heart. This is definitely one of my favorite cards and such a great addition to my collection. Seven is the reason that I collect players wearing the #7 jersey. Thanks for adding it to my collection Spankee.

    D. One thing you love about the hobby today as well as one thing you hate about it.

    In a word: Inserts. I love the design of a lot of the inserts from the different sets. I hate the sheer number of inserts from the different sets, both for attempting to collect completions as well as the deduction of base cards from the packs. Sometimes (Opening Day) you get 2-3 inserts per pack, creating a lot of duplicates while not finishing the base set.

    E. Been following for at least 30 or 40 seconds now...

  29. A) Earving "Magic" Johnson, very talented and classy. Also very determined especially when he made his return after his AIDS diagnosis.
    B) The smartest investment I ever made was probably getting mouth surgery. The surgery not only fixed my mouth problem but also the doctor is a huge Yankee fan and gave me a Bucky Dent signed baseball.
    C) My favorite story has to be on the same day. After waking up from my sleep I stumbled to a bed to lay down. The doctor came in holding a ball. After looking at it for a period of time I realized it was a Bucky Dent ball. I was in complete shock. Later my aunt came over and she was a huge Bucky Dent fan when he played. She was so jealous. It was funny and awesome.
    D) I love how you never know what you're going to get. Say you get a pack and you don't know if you will get an autograph or nothing until you open it. The mysterious feeling I think is awesome. I hate how its expensive to buy everything. Things can be pretty costly but its totally worth it.
    E) I have been following for awhile and even advertised the contest on my sidebar and my last post.

  30. Drew, not commenting for the contest (I'm too late, anyway), but a congratulatory note. I've enjoyed your posts and hope that you get to post another 1,000.


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