Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TTM #'s 71 & 72- Cleveland Indian Style!

Hey guys, Drew back here! This week I got overloaded in... yep.. once again, damaged custom cards. I have been using my new glue, which has been working perfectly, but the customs have been getting uglier and uglier as they arrive home in my mailbox. Without a clue of what to do, I'm pretty much going to end the non Yankees or Hall of Fame custom sets, at least for the time being, until I can figure out what's going wrong. Without further adieu, lets show off some of the recent successes I've gotten, this being the Cleveland edition:

The first was one of their once hot pitchers this season, Josh Tomlin. Tomlin started the year on an absolute tear, even earning a spot on my fantasy baseball pitching staff. Sadly, he's struggled big time with his command lately, pushing his ERA from a 2.41 on May 21st to a now 4.14. I still think Mr. Tomlin has a good future, and these last 4 starts have just been a bit of a flunk.

Tomlin signed 2 cards for me, a custom, and a 2011 Topps base card. He inscribed his number on each card, to go with his incredibly small signature. Both his and the next guys cards returned signed in 18 days. Just for that, here's success number 2:

None other than their closer, Chris Perez! Perez not only is a very good closer, notching 16 saves for the 2nd place Indians, but he is also well renowned in the card hobby, after purchasing the famed booklet card featuring all of the 1927 Yankees starting lineup, as a gift to himself after a new contract! Perez is having what will be a career year, unless barred by struggle or injury (knock on wood). He may not have the most famous beard in the closing world, but he earns a close second. 

This card came out more damaged than the Tomlin, as you can see by the gray and black marks around the left side of his body. There is certainly worse to come, so I'm fortunate these came back semi-ok. 

Any ideas about all the damage? I don't know where to go from here.

See Ya!

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  1. Sorry the cards got damaged bro. I hope you get it figured out.


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