Friday, June 24, 2011

Corner Store Pickup! Topps Archives Auto!

Hey guys, Drew back here. About a week ago, my dad, sister, and I went into our local town to get some pizza, and along the way we went into our corner store. If you may remember, I've bought a few different cards there in the past, but haven't gotten much there in a while. However, I spotted out a card one day when I walked in, and it stayed in my mind up until last week, when I decided to pull the trigger on it! Check this out:

Out of 2001 Topps Archives, its a Don Mattingly on card auto based off of his famous 1984 Topps rookie card! The moment I first saw this card I knew one day I had to add it into my collection, and as soon as I went home I eBay searched it, and found a few for an awful lot of money. I got the card for $25 total, which certainly wasn't cheap, but was worth it for me. Mattingly is a family favorite in a house with only 2 baseball fans, and he's one of my favorite players to collect.

The card is absolutely awesome looking in person, and it makes the 3rd autograph in my collection of "Donnie Baseball"! Thanks for reading and as always, See Ya!


  1. Not a bad price for a rookie reprint auto of a very good player, I'd say you did pretty well for yourself there

  2. - how sweet it is. As another Donnie Baseball fan, well done! The '84 Topps Mattingly represents the 1st card I "had to have" when I was collecting in my younger years ('87-'93). I can still remember the day I finally brought it home.

    Great signature location on a classic card. This does not help my own urge to pull the trigger on my 1st Mattingly signature here, pretty soon.....or to complete the Mattingly RC hat trick with the missing piece: '84 Fleer. But I digress....

    Great pick up, Drew. Go Yanks!


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