Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yankees "Perfect" Pickup

Hey guys, Drew back here. I still have a little more to talk about for the Jets game, but I'm gonna change gears to baseball for this one. At this time about every year I tend to get bored of baseball and focus more on football. The last 2 or 3 years though, I still have maintained somewhat of an interest still. This year, I'm not sure, so I decided to pick a nice card up to help that. Check it out:

2003 Topps Finest #FMA-DL Don Larsen Autograph

Don Larsen wasn't the greatest pitcher for the Yankees by any means, but he has a very special significance to the Yankees. As you all know, he's the only pitcher in World Series history to throw a perfect game! On October 8th, 1956, he left the Dodgers hitless and the Yankees won the game 2-0! Even though that was extremely long ago, when you think of Don Larsen that may be the 1st and only thing that comes to mind. Other than this game, he jumped around to a bunch of teams, even without free agency. He played from 1953-1967, and is currently 81 years young.

This card definitely looked nice for me to get, I already have a similar Goose Gossage early 2000's Finest auto. While I'm not a huge fan of the autograph on the opposite direction as the rest of the card, this one is a nice one for sure. I figured I should get one that says something about his perfect game on it, which I definitely did. Mission accomplished!

See Ya!


  1. Those Finest Moments cards are pretty great in both Basketball and Baseball. I agree with the placement of the auto. It's a little strange, but it's def an awesome card of a significant moment in Yankees history.

  2. Pulled the same exact card from Finest a few years ago and it's been one of my favorites since. Very nice addition.

  3. Gorgeous card. Agreed on the placement of the signature, but it's still a nice one for the PC.

  4. I typically don't like Finest Moments autographs... but this one has a nice design. Congratulations on the pickup. Is it going to be part of a trifecta?


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