Sunday, November 14, 2010

Card Shop Pack Breaks!

Hey guys, Drew back here. On Friday night my dad had to go get some hunting supplies at the mall so on the way back we made a quick trip to the shop. I bought some toploaders and magnetics, because it seems like I always run out of them so fast! Also got 3 packs, 1 2009 UD Draft football, 1 2010 Topps football, and 1 2010 Topps Update Jumbo Baseball pack! Here are the results:

2009 UD Draft Football:

- Fenuki Tupou RC
- Knowshon Moreno RC
- Jonathan Luigs RC
- Alex Mack RC
- Jared Cook RC
- Ian Campbell RC
- Jairus Byrd RC

- Peyton Manning All Americans Insert
- Peyton Manning Draft History
- Eli Manning Draft History
- Troy Polamalu Draft History

Interesting product, never opened any of it before. The cards look great for TTM'ing, and they have a nice glossy cover. The only notable rookie in the pack was Moreno, and getting 2 Peyton inserts is ridiculous but he's a good player to get multiple inserts of. All of these are for trade.

2010 Topps Football:

- David Garrard
- Tony Romo
- Robert Meachem
- Kyle Wilson Gold Parallel /2010
- DeAngelo Williams Draft Anniversary Insert
- Adrian Peterson Topps Attax
- Philadelphia Eagles
- Houston Texans
- Brandon LaFell RC
- Patrick Robinson RC

Not a really exciting pack unless your a Jets fan! And guess what, I'm a Jets fan! Yay! As you saw yesterday, I got Kyle Wilson back TTM a few days ago, and now I pull his numbered Topps rookie! Sweet!

2010 Topps Update Jumbo Baseball:
- A Bunch of Base, Ivan Rodriguez and Jose Bautista were highlights
- All Star cards of Heath Bell, Jose Valverde, Jon Lester, Matt Holliday, Scott Rolen, Adrian Beltre, Vladimir Guerrero, Justin Verlander, Torii Hunter, Jose Bautista, Alex Rodriguez, Brian McCann, Jason Heyward, Ubaldo Jimenez, Josh Johnson, Phil Hughes/David Price, Vladimir Guerrero/Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols/Ryan Braun
- Home Run Derby cards of Matt Holliday, Chris Young, and Nick Swisher

- Bengie Molina Gold /2010
- Steve Carlton/Jon Lester Legendary Lineage
- Roy Campanella Million Card Giveaway (Redeemed: 2002 Eddie Taubensee)
- Colby Rasmus Peak Performance
- Ian Stewart Turkey Red
- Theres No Tying in Baseball Tales of the Game
- Don Mattingly Cards Your Mom Threw Out
- Adam Wainwright Topps Attax

- Colby Rasmus Peak Performance Autograph!

The autograph was certainly surprised and I'm happy I landed it! If I didn't, that would have definitely been a waste of 10 bucks. Rasmus is a solid player, not sure if he'll amount to a whole lot but he hit over 20 home runs this year so you can certainly do worse! Also got a Swisher, which doesn't do much considering its for the set and not my PC. It's a great looking card of Swish though!

It was a good little trip to the shop for sure! If anybody is curious in trading for any of these cards, please let me know. Most of the Topps Update base and inserts will not be for trade, but the football stuff is and the Rasmus Auto.

See Ya!

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  1. I could use the Jets Saints and Giants from the football packs. I have some Swishers I have set aside if you are interested.


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