Friday, September 17, 2010

Awesome Yankees Collection Pickup

Hey guys, Drew back here. Finally, the week is over, and the 2 days of freedom begins. I'll start with this nice quick little eBay pickup:

1971 Topps Thurman Munson

Oh man. This was one of the cards I wanted most, for a long time I've dreamed about owning this great card, and now my dreams have finally came true. It appears as if the book value has declined for the card, but since Beckett won't update what it's been recently selling for, people still try to make a profit on it. Most people who sell this card on eBay now have a high price of $50 and a low of $5, typically depending on the condition of the card. I got this one for only $9 plus $3 shipping!

I've seen this card at card shows, card shops, and all over the place selling for $60, $70. I didn't just pick this card up because of the deal, I am a huge Thurman Munson fan, and I really think he deserves to join many of the other great catchers of all time in the Hall of Fame. If he had a longer career, which of course was sadly cut short, he would be very much comparable to Gary Carter, Carlton Fisk, and maybe even a Johnny Bench! You really never know.

I'm really glad I was able to get this card. The photo is just completely awesome, and the card's surfacing is fantastic. The corners are in decent shape, and it's offcenter, but isn't a 1971 Topps card supposed to look like that? If it looked mint than people would accuse it of being a 2010 Topps Cards Your Momma Threw Out insert! Now I am most certainly on the hunt for his 1970 Topps rookie card, which would certainly be the cornerstone of my Munson collection.

See Ya!


  1. That is one of my many White Whales. It's awesome!!! Great pickup Drew!!!

  2. Great card of a great player. Not everyone can afford to buy mint 10 cards so the card looks fine to me.

  3. I got this card for just 15 MCG code cards. For me, that's one of the best deals I've ever made.


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