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2010 Tristar OBAK Box Review CONTEST!!

2010 Tristar OBAK Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, with my box break review of 2010 TriStar OBAK. The great folks over at TriStar sent me this box for not even a dime, absolutely free, so first off I just want to thank them so much for the opportunity to break and review their newest product. So, this is going to be a long post, so let's get started.

20 Packs Per Box
6 Cards Per Pack
120 Cards Per Box
11 "Hits" Per Box, Including:
- 4 Autographs (2 Prospects/2 Retired)
- 2 Parallel Cards
- 1 Mini Parallel
- 3 Short Print Cards
- 1 Cabinet Card

So, there's certainly a lot to look for in this box. The cool thing about 2010 OBAK is that only 3000 boxes were made, and there's a serial number on the front of every box. I just pulled a picture of the box off Blowout Cards, but my box was actually 0007/3000, lucky number 7! Will it be a lucky box? Let's find out shall we?


T4 Cabinet Card: 1 (Roy Hofheintz- Created the Astrodome)

Interesting box topper. Hofheintz was the first franchise owner of the Astros and created the Astrodome. It's smaller than a A&G cabinet card and Masterpieces, and yet, still a pain to lug around the house.

Base Set: 90/117 (76%)

All of the following cards, plus 3 more base for a friend, and 2 minis, will go into my collection. That's it. Everything else is yours if you win the contests. The base set is cool, many exciting backgrounds, loving the one with Jackson/Heyward, and the Heywards with fireworks look outstanding. A lot of cool stories behind some of these cards. In this box we found cards of: Ray Chapman, one of the only men ever killed during a game, Ed Kurpiel, who supposedly hit a ball over 700 feet, even Doc Adams, the man who invented the shortstop position! For you history buffs out there, this is certainly a really cool box for you!

Here's just some of the 72 base cards I'm giving away, and as you can see, this is a set for not only history buffs but prospectors as well, with cards of future stars Starlin Castro, Drew Storen, Donovan Tate, Dustin Ackley, Kyle Drabek, Desmond Jennings, Jason Heyward, Austin Jackson, Austin Romine, and many, many more. I guess I'm starting to know my prospects because I just did that without glancing at the cards! Yay!

Minis: 15/45 (33%)

That is all the base minis we pulled, about 1/3rd of the mini set. They look almost nicer than the base in a way, since this is based off a vintage "mini" sized design. I'm planning on keeping the Strawberry and the Ripken is going to a good cause, again, everything else is being given away.


- Jason Heyward Circle Back Base SP
- Hank Greenberg Square Back Base SP
- Jose Canseco Circle Back Base SP
- Jeff Burroughs Black Back Parallel /50
- Eddie Cicotte Black Back Parallel /50
- Col. John Stevens T4 Insert
- Chick Gandil Mini Insert
- Smead Jolley Mini Parallel /25
- Jason Heyward Mini (forgot to post earlier)
- Hank Greenberg Mini Circle Back SP
- Jason Heyward Mini Circle Back SP
- Jason Heyward Mini Triangle Back SP

I'll tell you what, this is one heck of a confusing set. With Circle Backs, Squares, and Triangles too, plus the vintage looking Gandil, plus numbered back parallels make this hard to record on video, and you have to really take your time with these breaks. While very nice cards indeed, it's very hard to spot out the parallels.

Autos: 4

Reymond Fuentes /75
Jason Kipnis /75

Ok, I really don't know these guys, but from the back it says Fuentes is the cousin of Carlos Beltran, currently the 7th ranked prospect in the Red Sox organization. As soon as I saw Red Sox, I knew that was part of the giveaway hahaha. As far as Kipnis goes, he's the 10th best prospect in the Indians organization, which I thought was a bit of a push to be included in the set with these stars. Nice looking autos and low numbered which is nice, and you can win both of them.

Robert Nelson /125
Tim Raines /125

The retired autos were pretty good, first the weaker one in Nelson, who was a co-inventor of Big League Chew. Yay. The other is of former All Star Tim Raines, which is a pretty nice card and I was very tempted to keep it, but all 4 autos are being given away, so one of you will get this card!

Overall Rating: out of 5 Stars (Letter: B+)

Quick Review: While I haven't broke any 2009 OBAK before, this was my first test with the product, and I must say I was impressed. I enjoyed all the oddities in the base set, and all the prospects, in a very nice not overpopulated way. All of the different little subsets in the base set are spread out evenly, so it's not like 100 prospects and 17 retired players, which is cool. I learned a lot from this box, about certain players that failed to succeed in the majors but had strong careers in the minors. The only reasons why this product didn't rate 5 stars was because first, the different parallel backs just don't flow with me. It's very hard to open a box and notice the parallels that are only recognizable from the back side. Another reason is the weak autograph inclusions, seriously, we should have some higher ranked prospects than #10 in the Indians farm system and #7 in Boston. A small checklist should mean a strong autograph checklist, and finding an auto of the co-inventor of Big League Chew didn't help things. If we didn't get the Tim Raines, I probably would have made this a 3 1/2 star box. Not a stand out product, but not a horrible product either. It was a really fun break for me as a semi-history buff.

Now on to how you guys can win. There will be 4 lots from this break, each containing a similar amount of cards. Group A, B, C, and D, will be the 4 regions, and you will have to do 4 different things in order to win these groups. You can only win 1 group, but it will be randomized so you never know what you could end up winning.


GROUP A: 18 Base Cards, 3 Base Minis, Smead Jolley Mini Insert /25, Canseco Circle Back Base, Jason Heyward Circle Back RC Mini, Greenberg Square Back Base, Robert Nelson Auto /125

To win Group A: Please leave a comment telling me if you have subscribed to this blog. If you haven't subscribed, and you want to win this lot, please do so and say "Yes I subscribed" or something like that in the comments.

GROUP B: 18 Base Cards, 3 Base Minis, Jason Heyward Regular Mini, Eddie Cicotte Base Parallel /50, Jason Kipnis Prospect Auto /75

To win Group B: Please post a plug to this contest and leave a link to your post in the comments below! Just tell everyone to check this contest out, because they could be missing out on something they may want!

GROUP C: 18 Base Cards, 3 Base Minis, Chick Gandil Mini Parallel, Jason Heyward Circle Back Base Parallel, Col. John Stevens III Insert, Reymond Fuentes Prospect Auto /75

To Win Group C: Please leave a rating of 2010 TriStar OBAK in the comments below, 5 at the highest, 0 being the lowest!

GROUP D: 18 Base Cards, 3 Minis, Hank Greenberg Circle Back Mini, Jeff Burroughs Black Back /50, Jason Heyward Triangle Back RC Mini, Tim Raines Autograph /125

To win Group D: Please in the comments below, write up a little review of 2010 TriStar OBAK, with your opinions on how to change the set and make it better, and what you like about the product, if you've opened it yet or not.

Now that perfectly divided all the cards out, and we're left with one more. The Cabinet Card of Hofheintz, and what I'll do for you is whoever at least enters one of these 4 Group contests, will be in the random for the cabinet card. If you enter for each group, you get 4 entries to win the cabinet.

For a quick review, Group A requires a subscription to this blog, Group B requires a plug post for this contest, Group C requires a box rating of 1 to 5 stars, and Group D requires a little review of what you think of the product, the pros and cons. If you do it all, it will be your best chance to at least win one of the groups!


Now go out there and enter the contest! Thanks again so much to TriStar for the free box, I really appreciate the opportunity! See Ya!


  1. Group A - I subscribed to your blog (spiderman picture). Thought I already was, so I'm glad I checked.

    Group B - Plugged your contest on my blog -

    Group C - 3.5 stars for the box

    Group D - I like the fact that each box is numbered. The boxtopper is a plus. I love that there are 4 autographs per box, but it would be nice if there were some game-used cards as well. I don't like parallels that are only noticable on the back of the card. I do like the mini's and the numbered cards. I also like the player selection. Seems like a good non-lisenced product.

  2. A.Just Subscribed!

    C.Oh also, 4 for the box.

    D. Just like Dkwilson, I think its really cool that the box is numbered, and Just like allen and ginter, I love the Minis.

  3. Group A: subscribed and placed in my blogroll.

    Group C: 3.5 - I like the idea of the minis having different backs, I think it's the ultimate tribute to the tobacco cards. I would have given it a 4, but something about not seeing the team logos turns me off. Still, I am looking into buying a box myself.

  4. I should leave my blog link:

  5. A: Subscribed
    B: Contest link at:
    C: I would give this set a 3.0.
    D: I wouldn't buy a box but there seem to be some decent cards in the set. I would spend my money on A&G. I would like to see more current players and fewer former players and non-players. I have a thing for parallels so the different backs are a plus. I could go either way on the minis.

  6. Yes I have subscribed.

    I would give Obak a 3 out of 5.

    I wouldn't buy this set or even a box of this set. I'm not too much of a fan of cards that don't have team logos, etc on them. Wish Topps didn't have the monopoly but it is what it is. Plus there are a lot of similar sets out there right not: Obak, T206 and A&G; too much of the same things.

  7. Group A: I'm now subscribed
    Group B: Got your contest listed on my blog MidWest Cardboard
    Group C: I'll give your break 3.5 stars
    Group D: I have to say the thing I like the best of the cards is the backgrounds. I get tired of seeing outfield walls and crowds. Even though it's a lot of prospects some of these could really be big in a few years.

  8. A - Yes I have subscribed
    B - I wish I had a place to plug but don't so will use this spot to say thanks for the contest.
    C - 4 out 5
    D - I love this set and I can't wait to buy a box. I bought a box of 09 and loved it and this appears to be better. My only issue with the set is the autograph selection. I feel that there are some autos that cannot be considered hits like Tom Paciorek /125. Completing a set can be confusing but I like the number of parallels.

  9. C: I haven't seen any of this product in person, but from what I've seen here and on other blogs, I'd rate it 3.5.

    D: I dig the look, the anachronistic backgrounds which should bother me, but they work somehow. I especially dig the overlay of B&W over color, as if dragging these historic players and figures into the wormhole that is Obak. And I always love rookie/prospect sets.

    But I agree with Drew that the selection of prospects and their autos could be better. Also, I still haven't determined if the autos are on-card or sticker. I hope on-card, but all the same they look out of place. I'd like to see them incorporated more naturally. Finally, I'd love to see some relics in this set, and I'd like to see unique ones to match the uniqueness of Obak. For example, if we have the inventor of Big League Chew, put in a relic of an old original gum wrapper. Maybe that's not the best idea, but some relics like we haven't encountered.

  10. A: Done
    B: Done Shortly
    C: 2 - Details below
    D: I haven't broke this personally but I did see a few different breaks and the checklist is horrible for a Red Sox collector. I did buy a few packs last year and I have to say the images look a ton better this year. I really like the T4 cards this year and even the backs are awesome. Speaking of backs, the worst possible kind of parallel is a card back parallel which is a MAJOR drawback to this set. The other problem with the checklist is the old timey oddball guys. If these guys deserved cards they would have already had them. I would rather see 20 or 30 of these oddball cards and the rest be real former stars and current players. I probably won't get any free box breaks from Tristar with my score but that is how I see it.

    By the way, I really like how you did the prize pools on this contest with the 4 groups.

  11. Group A - Drew, I've been a subscriber since the beginning.

    Group C - after seeing a few breaks online, I'd give it a 3.5/5 - Only because i'm a huge Heyward fan though, and you seem to get him a bunch in any break.

  12. Yes, I subscribed.

    ... and thanks for the contest and the good blog!

  13. Group C: 1 star -- I have yet to see a Twins player represented. Backgrounds are neat, though

  14. Group C: 2 stars... I'm NOT a fan of unlicensed, "airbrushed" cards. They look like something you'd get in a cereal box. The autograph checklist seems alright though. Needs more relics.

  15. Group A: I'm already subscriberized.

    Group B: Link right here

    Group C: I've never busted a box so I'll give yours 3.5 out of 5. Dayf got 10 stars out of 5 for his hot box!

    Group D: I'd buy a box, but mostly because I like the history cards which actually have to do with baseball history. You get a lot of fringe or background figures that you don't know much about.

    Great contest Drew!

  16. Came to check out your blog. You must be a New Yorker (if not, you repressnt like one) I only collect soccer cards now - New York will get a second MLS team soon ...

    Very cool of you to have the contest. Good Luck.


  17. A. I'm definitely a follower. Everyone knows.
    B. To be done soon. Lets get some people commenting on my tobacco card first.
    C. 4, I think the backgrounds are cool. I'd enjoy busting a box for sure.
    D. I haven't opened any Obak yet, but I have liked the design for the past 2 years. I think Tristar is doing a good job getting their foot in the door of the hobby. I'd like to see them keep doing what they are doing and maybe they'll pick up where Upper Deck left off. I'd sure like a few Orioles' Prospect Obak cards, but I haven't checked the checklist yet.

    Great job Drew. You are one of the better blogs out there for sure, man.

  18. A. Following

    B. I don't have anything to post a link on. ):

    C. I'd probably have to go with a 4.0. Weak relics, but I'm a sucker for the historical stuff.

    D. I have never cracked a pack of Obak, but judging by your pics, I really love the black and white old-school players on the colored random backgrounds. The contrast pops. I also love the short print minis....the different backs make it exciting to turn over a less-than-stellar card (from the front).

    Thanks for the contest!

  19. group A- subscribed

    group B-

    group C- 3 1/2 stars

    group D- as for improvment on this set, I would love it if they could get creative as far as not being able to use logos, thats my biggest problem with the set as the airbrushed logos look kind of lame, other then that, a stronger checklist and lower pricepoint is always a bonus. I would love to bust some of this in the near future though.

    -Chris W. oncardautos

  20. Hey,

    Group A: I subscribed!
    Group B:
    Group C: 3.5 Stars
    Group D: I think it is a very interesting set, but I am not a fan of cards on non-baseball-players. For example, a cabinet card of an owner is just annoying in my opinion.

  21. Group A ~ I am subscribed for a while now.

    Group B ~ Plugs on both my blogs will be up around 9:15 tomorrow morning (9/9)

    Group C ~ 3 out of 5 rating.

    Group D ~ I own zero cards from this product but after your break I may have to get some. I like the design and parallel break down as well as the number of hits per box and box toppers are always cool. On the down side, I need game used cards and more baseball players with less non baseball subjects.

    Thanks for a cool contest!

  22. Group C: I'd rate it 3.5 stars

    Group D: I like a lot of the backgrounds used. Some of them really stand out and make the cards pop. I'm also a fan of minis in general. However, I've never been into cards that are not of players.

  23. Group A: I have started following your blog. And it looks like a good one.

    Group B: Here's the link to the plug I posted for your contest on my blog.

    Group C: I give the 2010 Tristar OBAK cards 3.5 out of 5 stars.

    Group D: I haven't bought any of these cards, but after seeing them on your blog, I'm very interested in them. I'm partial to baseball history, so any set that highlights the history of the game gets my stamp of approval. If I could change one thing about the set, it would be the backgrounds. They remind me of the default images that are in your "My Pictures" folder in Windows. They definitely don't belong on a baseball card. If these cards had more appropriate backgrounds, I would give the set a 4 (or maybe even a 4.5) out of 5.

  24. GROUP A: Yes I subscribed

    GROUP B: Posted. Will post it to my Facebook page too.

    GROUP C: I rate it a 4.

  25. A: I thought I had already subscribed but I hadn't so I did and now I am. Subscribed. A Follower, I mean.

    B: I've added the contest to my "Ad" bar at the top of my blog. I scheduled a blog pimpin' post for your contest to be published tomorrow morning so it wouldn't bump the 1959 Football post I spent a couple hours working on.

    C: I bought last year's Obak and got a Hot Box this year so I'd pretty much give this set a Galaxy of stars.

    D: THE GOOD -
    Small set, easily completable with a tiny bit of effort.
    Not too many Short Prints but enough to keep it interesting.
    The Variations are clearly marked and noted on the checklist.
    The oddball subjects are utterly fantastic.
    The mini cards look really good.
    The smaller set size for the mini card set makes trying to complete that a less daunting task.
    The boxtoppers are very nice.
    4 autos in a box is better than two autos in a box.
    I like how two of the autos are 'legends' and two are prospects.
    Using recycled cardboard is a nice touch.

    The OK:
    All the parallels get a little tedious, but it is worth it when you pull an Austin Jackson/Jason Heyward numbered to 5.
    The prospect list seems a little skimpy, but I am a terrible judge of future Major League Talent, so they could all end up superstars for all I know.
    Putting a serial number on the box means I have to save the box now. Boxes are bulky, but it's got J-Hey on the thing so I gotta keep it.

    The BAD -
    Some of the pictures are a little dodgy, especially the ones where they pixillated the photo.
    The "slogan" variation cards with the different saying on the back are lame, lame, lame.
    Where the heck is retail Obak? this stuff is damn hard to find and I've already asked two hobby shops if they were going to carry it.

    Also - Please don't put relics in this product. No one needs that.

  26. A-I'm following you.

    B-You are at the top of my blog "All About Cards" so go check it out at
    Besides the plug, I think you'll like the post below it I wrote on Thurman Munson.

    C-I'm on the fence about this one so 3 1/2 Stars seems right. But I've only seen these cards in pictures, it might be different if I had them in my hands.

    D-I have not opened a box of this yet, but if TRISTAR wants to send me a free box, I'd be happy to run the same contest on my blog. This is the second break I've seen, the first one being Cardboard Junkie's break.

    I think the biggest critique I have about these cards is that it seems to lack some cohesion. I don't really understand how one card flows into the next. Its a little random. Again, i might be different in person and with seeing all the cards.

    On the up side I love the Tinker Evers Chance card, the Greenberg card is nice and so are the Heywards. The uniqueness of some of the cards and bridging the old with the new is cool too..

  27. A: I'm subscribed.


    C: I'd give 2010 Obak 4 out of 5.

    D: I haven't actually opened this year's product, but I was impressed with this product last year and it continues to amaze me. This is the little set that could. The subjects are always unique and relevant to the sport. If only other unlicensed companies could follow Tristar's lead, there would be more quality product to choose from.

  28. Group A - I have subscribed.

    Group B -

    Group C - I'd give it 3.75 out of 5, based purely on what I've seen of others.

    Group D - My main improvement? Last year, Tristar made 3600 boxes of Obak. This year, it's down to 3000. Why the hell did they drop the numbers? I say bring it back to 3600.

  29. Group A: I am subscribed

    Group B:

    Group C: I'd give 2010 Obak a 4.

    Group D: I'd actually like to see a smaller amount of prospects in the set, especially when it comes to autographs. Then of course, no stickers. I do love the quirkyness of the checklist. Each set adds up to a history of the game from different angles.

  30. A) I'm now a devote follower.
    B) I've posted the contest on my blog:Dion's IP Autos only
    C) 3 1/2 out of 5
    D) I would have to say that the picture quality is not that great so I would use better pictures and the backgrounds of the cards are to busy for me I'd get rid of the fireworks and stuff on alot of the cards. I do like the autographed cards auto's are clean and clear.

  31. I am subscribed to your blog.

    Rating: 3.5 out of 5

    Review: Nice set, great autos. Would like to see more stars from the 80's and 90's in the auto set. Think Doug Drabek, Joe Carter, etc.

  32. Group A - I have subscribed to your blog.

    Group B - N/A

    Group C - 3 stars

    Group D - I have never opened any of this product previously. I would prefer a larger base set to provide a more diversified player selection. The number of subsets seems perfect.

  33. A - Done (Bubba is by Blogger handle)

    B -

    C - 4 stars

    D - I have never opened any Obak, but I love the look of the cards that have been posted here and on other sites. The player selection is cool, including several former superstars that don't get a lot of attention today, like Bob Horner and Dale Murphy (who should be in the Hall of Fame). While I'm not crazy about parallels and mini's, they seem to be done well in this set. The main thing I like about Obak though is the absence of foil on the cards. I HATE FOIL.

  34. I'm subscribed.

    I give this set 4/5 stars. The only thing I don't really like is the backgrounds--many of them are just too abstract and don't add anything.

  35. A) I am a follower!!
    C) 3/5
    D) I love (LOVE) the backgrounds. But the integration of the photos with the background leaves a little to be desired for me. it seems incongruous. That's probably is done on purpose, but it detracts from the visual appeal for me. The SP's seem less jarring to me somehow, even though they are usually busier. Overall, a very... interesting product. Fun though!

  36. A-I'm a suscriber (is a follower the same thing?)
    B-Here's a link:
    c: 4/5

    D: Tristar Obak is fun to open, plain and simple. The text backs and subjects are interesting and everything is baseball related (though sometimes tangentially). The scarcity of the set also lends some value even without the MLB license. The things which I don't like is that sometimes the pictures are a little over-pixylated, there are back variations which are difficult to collect if you want a master set (and arent' very different from the base cards), and the SPs are a discouragement for collecting as well. The prospect cards (especially the Heyward) and the minis look great and fit in with the overall scheme of the product. I still don't understand Hulk Hogan being on the checklist though.

  37. A. I'm subscribed as the "H" for "Hoopography.
    C. 3.75/5
    D. I think this is def a fun product to open. I like that you get FOUR ON-CARD auto's. The mix of new and old is awesome. The mini's are always fun. I like the box topper and think its a fun history lesson. All and all, not a bad product.

    Thanks, Great Blog.

  38. I'm now a follower and I would give this set a Three out of five. The backgrounds seem too busy and take away from the player pic.


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