Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts Box Break Part 1

2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, with the final box of my birthday breaks. My dad felt bad for me after the Sweet Spot Classic box so he bought me a box of 2009 Signature Stars. I didn't really want that, so we took it back and got this. Lucky us! Here's the product info...

12 Packs Per Box
4 Cards Per Pack
48 Cards Per Box
6 Yankee Stadium Legacy Cards Per Box
1 Numbered SP per Box
4 Game Used Memorabilia Cards Per Box
2 Autographs Per Case
1 Cut Autograph per Case


Base Set: 41/100

The base design is classic for sure in this set, I love how the headshots accompany the black and white action shot. This is one of my favorite sets I must say, and I might try to build the set.

Yankee Stadium Legacy: 6/7,000

What a huge set, they're getting very boring. I must have at least 100-150 of these. I like the Gehrig and DiMaggio's though.

Base Short Print: 1/100 (Andrew Jackson /550)

Nice card of a cool old President, and it's for trade.

Destination Stardom Jersey: 1 (Russell Martin)

Already gone! Not a great first hit.

Destined for History Jersey: 1 (Adam Dunn w/pinstripe)

This is a pretty nice box, pulled 2 Adam Dunn hits in 4 boxes, I like the pinstripe though.

Generations Dual Memorabilia: 1 (Mattingly/Helton)

This is where this box starts getting good. First, a nice hit for my Yankees PC, a dual bat/jersey of Don Mattingly and also Todd Helton. A pretty good pull I must say. But it gets better...

Legendary Memorabilia: 1 (ROBERTO CLEMENTE /99!!!)

WOW!!! I'm still shocked I pulled this! I love this card, and it's one of the top jersey cards of my collection! This is an awesome card, pretty sure it books from $40-50! But wait... there's more...

Memorable Moments 1/1 Insert: 1 (Torii Hunter!)

What a great decision to take back Signature Stars! My first 1/1 ever pulled! The card has nothing spectacular but it's a 1/1 and it's a sweet pull. This card has to book for around $30, and again, I'm not a big fan of BV, just like to see how much they go for!

Wow... what an awesome box! Let me know what you think! Part 2 is coming up soon, and See Ya!


  1. That's the worst 1/1 ever. SELL!

  2. SP made nice cards. Love the Clemente! Great pull!

  3. Hey Drew...I'll try to find somehthing for you for that Ol Hickory card.

  4. Very nice box, altho you were already going good with that Martin hit (I'm assuming by "already gone" that you traded it already?)

    I wish they made the 1/1 stand out a little more.

  5. Joe: Maybe
    Hackenbush: Thanks!
    PATP: Sure, just shoot me an email
    Night Owl: Yeah... I traded it.. sorry, and yeah, it doesn't stick out well, it took a minute to notice it was a 1/1

    Thanks guys!

  6. I actually kind of like the 1/1, though I assume that the addition is a sticker? Either way, nice pull man!

  7. Actually, it's indented into the card, and it's paper, so it doesn't look bad... it's just pointless

  8. Great box! Always exciting to pull a 1 of 1, no matter who it is! And the Clemente Jersey is sweet!

  9. I meant more that it's so similar to the rest of the cards that it seems a bit pointless is all. Drew knows my feelings on serial numbering, I'm sure he gets what I'm trying to say!

    But at the end of the day, a 1/1 is a 1/1 is a 1/1. Can't complain too much.

  10. Awesome box break dude. I'm glad I was able to pry away that martin, hahaha. But, yeah, I love these cards, and 09 Legendary Cuts were pretty nice too... Oh, btw, AWESOME Clemente, man!

  11. Yeah I gotcha Joe, as long as it's a 1/1 it's nice. Thanks William, it was an awesome box!


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