Saturday, September 11, 2010

TTM #18

Hey guys, Drew back here, with my most recent through the mail success, of a very good running back in the NFL, check it out:

It's hard to see, but that would be a Frank Gore autograph ladies and gentlemen. The 2 time Pro Bowler has had a very nice start to his career and it's a really awesome addition to the collection. He took 29 days to get back to me, which isn't too bad of a wait, and he inscribed his number on the auto, which was awesome too. I don't remember if this is what I sent him, but he must've kept a few, maybe he collects or something, I don't know.

Thanks a lot Mr. Gore, and See Ya!

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  1. Gore is a stud, and that's nice looking base card. Gore's sig is pretty sweet too!!!


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