Sunday, September 12, 2010

Contest Winners!

Hey everyone, Drew back here, with your winners for the contest! Sorry for the delay, but I've been a little busy lately, so anyway, here are the randoms!

I randomized it 5 times and the winner is the 7th one down for each of the 4 groups, because that was the serial number of our box of OBAK.

GROUP A: 18 Base Cards, 3 Base Minis, Smead Jolley Mini Insert /25, Canseco Circle Back Base, Jason Heyward Circle Back RC Mini, Greenberg Square Back Base, Robert Nelson Auto /125

Group A's winner is The Dimwit!!! Congrats!

GROUP B: 18 Base Cards, 3 Base Minis, Jason Heyward Regular Mini, Eddie Cicotte Base Parallel /50, Jason Kipnis Prospect Auto /75

Group B's winner is Dan! Congrats!

GROUP C: 18 Base Cards, 3 Base Minis, Chick Gandil Mini Parallel, Jason Heyward Circle Back Base Parallel, Col. John Stevens III Insert, Reymond Fuentes Prospect Auto /75

Group C's Winner is 82RedBirds! Congrats!

GROUP D: 18 Base Cards, 3 Minis, Hank Greenberg Circle Back Mini, Jeff Burroughs Black Back /50, Jason Heyward Triangle Back RC Mini, Tim Raines Autograph /125

Group D's Winner is Dion's IP Autos Only! Congrats on the best prize!!!

And for this box topper, every person was entered as many times as they entered the contest (ie: entered Group's A,B,C, and D: get 4 entries, 3, 2, 1). I randomized the list 10 times, and the 1st name on the list was...

The Gooch! Congrats!

So, it was a great contest, I think TriStar, myself, and you the fans made out really well. If you won any of these 5 groups, please shoot me an email to and give me your address, I'd like to have them out as soon as I can!

Thanks again for everything, you guys are the best, and I just want to welcome all my new friends that joined my blog throughout this contest! See Ya!


  1. I didn't win but thanks for the contest.

  2. Drew Thanks I sent my address to your email addy. interesting that the winner was lucky #7 in all five contests glad I was one of them.


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