Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mail from Ken

Hey guys, Drew back here. I'm starting to get back into things, as you saw I've been buying a lot lately. Here is some mail that I got in a trade with reader Ken. We were able to work out a nice little trade that benefitted both of our collections, and this was my share:

First are some of the Yankees he threw in. That 2010 Allen & Ginter Curtis Granderson card may be my favorite in the set, it just looks really nice. The Jerry Hairston black background card is the first one of those from 2010 in my collection, and it looks really nice too. Also, the Rickey Henderson and Lou Gehrig stuff is awesome too.

Next are some 2010 Topps inserts, 4 Cards Your Mom Threw Out, 3 World Series cards, and a 2020. Awesome stuff, love the Mattingly and Bob Gibsons.

More 2010 Topps inserts. 3 Vintage Legends, 3 Peak Performances, and 1 more Cards Your Mom Threw Out in Joe Mauer. The more I see the Vintage Legends, as dumb as a concept as these cards are, they look great.

Finally, a jersey card of A-Rod! I don't have a huge A-Rod collection so every time I see one that I can obtain, I will obtain it! Its from one of the worst sets in the last decade, but it looks kinda nice anyway.

Thanks so much Ken! See Ya!

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