Friday, September 3, 2010

TTM #16- Nice Shape This Time!

Hey guys, Drew back here, with another TTM I got in yesterday. I've been sending a bunch out lately, and finally got one back. I normally don't like sending to people I've already gotten, but as you may remember, a few weeks ago I got back from Bob Feller, and the card I made of him was damaged. Since then, I began making skinnier cards so they won't get wrecked up in the mail, about the same thickness as any regular card. So I decided to try again, with no $, because I didn't want to have to pay again for the mistake.

Well, $ or not, Bob Feller understood my letter enough to sign for no charge! I included a scan of the original card and he must have seen the creases enough to sign. What a great guy! When I opened this envelope however, the entire back of the card was seperated from the rest of the card! Fortunately, I just glued it on and it looks fine. Awesome success, and now I don't have to complain about the postal service, because I have my Feller auto! This is the 3rd success in the series, following Bobby Doerr and Ralph Kiner! A nice start for the Hall of Fame Heroes series, with the next 2 being mailed out soon, I have 5 of the 10 oldest living Hall of Famer's autographs, with those 3 and Ford and Berra.

My collection is seriously starting to shape up, and it looks really mice now. Hopefully I can add multiple more cards to the series, and got maybe 10-15. Wish me luck! Thanks Mr. Feller! See Ya!


  1. Everyone knows my feelings on Feller in that he is AWESOME. So glad you got your card 'fixed.' How much does he charge for a ball?

  2. I wanna say just $5, I thought you had him??


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