Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hey guys, Drew back here. I'm not permanently back, but I will be soon. I got a TTM, bought something on eBay, went to the shop today, got some mail, but before I post all that, this is by far the greatest "Vintage Cards From Pop Popps" (not cards though) gift of all time, and he will never be able to beat this. There has been nothing I've ever dreamed of that I'd want more than something like this. Take a look!

So Pop Popps stopped by today, and I didn't know that he had these 2 frames waiting for me. He got them from a dealer, for less than $500, which does seem very suspicious to me, but they do look real. Shown on this first frame is an original picture of the old Yankee Stadium, an original picture of Gehrig, Ruth, and Foxx, some sort of old cigarrette card of a former Yankees manager (don't think it's real), tickets to World Series games, including the legendary "Called Shot" ticket, and an autographed picture of the Babe and Lou Gehrig! OMG!!!!!!! This was completely unexpected! Take a look at some closer up shots.

The top part of the Autograph for both Ruth and Gehrig is a copy, but to make the item "more original" from what a story says on the back of the frame, they signed each below the copy. Now is this real, because it was one heck of a steal if so. What do you think?

It's definitely someone's signature!

I am speechless right now. Completely speechless. I don't wanna get my hopes up though, because I'm going to get it authenticated at a future White Plains show, because I have no idea how my Pop Popps was able to get this for that kind of price. I don't wanna say they're fake, but I don't wanna say they're real either. I hope for the best though.

On to Frame #2, where we have another Yankee Stadium original photo, more World Series tickets, and a ticket to Lou Gehrig Day! Wow. Then we have what looks like a reprint of the 1909 T-206 Honus Wagner, because it's much bigger than the one I saw in person. That picture on top is indeed the 1927 Yankees, an unbelievable photo. Then the big four. There's a Honus Wagner autograph on the bottom row, 2nd to the end, which may or may not be real. It says "Compliment of J. Hans Wagner"!!! Then in the top right corner, another autographed Babe Ruth photo of him with a group of kids! Lastly, 2 signed cards of the Babe and Lou Gehrig! Again, don't think the cards are authentic, but the autographs sure look like it! I can't believe how amazing this is!

No the cards are not cut, they have a little border around them, as well as all the other items. These look the most authentic out of them all by far, these signatures are really nice!

Come to think of it, this could be the actual 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth card! If the autograph is real, the card is real. There is no way there were reprints back in those times, so this is incredible to own!

So if this is real I own Lou Gehrig's autograph AND rookie card! Unbelievable!

Lastly, a close up of another Babe Ruth autograph! He signed in what looks like purple, so that's neat. It looks real again, but even I know how to sign like Babe Ruth!

This hobby is really a pain. I sure love it, but some people are in this just to ruin other collector's collections. This could be anyone's autograph! I wish I didn't have to even suspect that but I have no choice but to, it's not authenticated so it's not authentic. I sure hope they're real!

Here's proof that these pictures aren't from eBay. That's me with one of the frames! I'm so happy to have these pieces, and I can't believe I own them! From the beginning of my blogging days I had no idea how good my collection would turn out, and authentic or not, these are incredible pieces in my collection!

What do you think? Do the autos and tickets look real? The price is hard to believe, which is leading me on to thinking that there's no possible way that this is all real! But hey, you never know! Thanks so so so so so so much Pop Popps, this is absolutely incredible! See Ya!


  1. WOW!
    That is AMAZING! I hope it is real.
    Congrats on such an incredible pick up.

  2. Even if everything in there is fake, it's still a nice piece! I have my doubts about the cards and the autos on them being authentic for that price, but if they are, you owe old Pop Pops way more than a thank you! You better name your first born after him.

  3. To me, it seems almost ridiculous for someone to go to that kind of trouble to fake ALL of those signatures. For the price he paid, either the dealer didn't know what he had, or someone already tried to authenticate it. Why, thwn, would someone bother to put 2 autos on the one picture? Definitely a mystery. Very much worth taking to your next card show and getting some answers. I doubt I'd send it away, though, if its real, you may never see it again...

  4. Awesome man! I really hope all of those turn out to be real! And if not, display them in your room and lie to your friends and be like " Yeah I have an authentic babe ruth auto, its nothing really..." Hahaha

  5. Unbelieveable. Those are great.

  6. So was this enough to get you over your collecting funk??


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