Friday, September 3, 2010

eBay Pickup from foul bunt!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Just a quick little eBay post, William had some cards on the bay and I decided to help out, and made out well. As most of you, we're good buddies, and I try to help him out whenever he needs it, so here's what I bought:

First off, he included these for no cost, that he got at his card shop! Awesome! Only complaint is Topps, please never use that Gehrig picture again. NEVER. It seriously looks like he's taking a kick to the crotch! Anyways, the Munson and Mantles look great though.

I got these four for about $5, some 2010 Tribute cards! I love 2010 Tribute, and these are my first cards from it, and as you know, I loved 2009 Tribute. Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4. Well, anyway, that Gehrig is by far my favorite card of his I've ever seen, it's beautiful. The Ruth is up there on his list too, love the new shot, but I know I'll hate it by next year when Topps uses it for every single product he's in because people LIKEd the picture. The other two are masterpieces too, unbelievable, never seen anything like it! (tv reference)

And this was the main reason I had to help him out. This is my first Rizzuto relic card, a piece of bat, or wait, is it a Stadium seat? We may never know. If it is a bat, it sure is a great looking card, numbered to 99.

Overall, well, I like this year's set, but I might like the design of the hits from last year better than 2010, even though both would easily beat a Peak Performance jersey, or some of the other uglier designs of relics these days.

Thanks so much William for the great cards, I'm glad I can help! See Ya!

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