Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Future for One of My Favorites

Hey everyone Drew back here. I know I'm a little late to announce this, but as most of you know by now, Don Mattingly is going to take over as manager for the Dodgers next season. This is hard to see as a lifelong Yankees fan, but maybe if he could be Torre-like as a manager, he could do what Torre has done in ensuring a plaque in the Hall of Fame. I think guys like Dale Murphy, Don Mattingly, and some of those other 80's stars shouldn't be passed on in voting.

Don deserves this job, no matter what he's done as hitting coach. Hitting Coach and Manager are two different things, and I hope Mr. Mattingly can make a big difference as the new man in LA. I'm glad th at he has this chance, but then again, it's very weird to see him not in a Yankees uniform. I met him back in January 2010, and it sure was cool. He seemed like a really nice guy, and while I liked and collected him before that day already, I now love to collect his cards.

So, good luck Mr. Mattingly! I might actually root for the Dodgers as an NL favorite next year!!!!! See Ya!


  1. Been collecting him for a while now. Love the Americana card.

  2. I'm sure you saw my post on the subject. I hope he does well, for the Dodger fans and all the Mattingly fans out there.


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