Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TTM #17

Hey guys, Drew back here. I'm now back from vacation, a very interesting vacation to say the least, involving sickness (my friend), a trip to the ER (my sister), and a injury (me, cut up my foot hahaha), made it a tough weekend. We made the most of what we had though, and still had a pretty good time nonetheless. I'm very glad to see how this contest is doing so far, please if you haven't already, step right up and try to win some 2010 OBAK!!! Let's get at least 40 people entered! C'mon I know there's at least that many people that read anyway! Tim Raines auto, for free?? C'MON MAN! Anyway... got a TTM waiting for me when I got home, check her out:

Chad Billingsley 3/3

Nice! Chad took his time out to sign 3 cards for me, the bottom 2 coming out awesome, and the top one a little bubbled, which was my fault honestly, since I forgot to cover the gloss with a baby powder topping. I love the Allen & Ginter success the most out of the 3, and I'm glad I can add some Billingsley autos to the collection!

Billingsley is 11-8 this year with a 3.54 ERA and 130 strikeouts. Over this summer he's been terrific for the Dodgers, and I'm glad I have a few of his autos to put in my PC!!

In other news, tomorrow is my first day of high school! Being a freshmen will be difficult, but I should be ok, and it should be a fun year! I'm not overly psyched about it though, because this means posting during the weekdays may not happen much anymore unless I schedule them in advance! Well, wish me luck, I'll try my very hardest to keep giving you guys more and more to read, but, school does come first unfortunately, and when I'm finished with that I'll be posting!

So anyway, please enter the contest, and See Ya!


  1. Very nice! I sent Chad some cards a few weeks back. Hopefully I get mine back soon. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. It looks like Billingsley took some time to sign a nice signature. I like the UD. Good Luck tomorrow!!!

  3. Nice autos dude! Glad to see your TTMs come through!


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