Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yesterday's (and the day before) Mail

Hey guys, Drew back here, next time you hear from me hopefully I will be trapped in snow and posting the final nominees for the blog awards, something I'm working on now. So, I got some mail in the past few days, and why not share with you, like always? I'm also buying a junkload of cards from check out my cards for trades and for my friend, and for me. You'll see soon.

Both of these maildays were courtesy of the Sports Card Forum, they were my 4th & 5th trades on the site, still waiting on 2 more from SCF and one from Blowout Card Forum. The 1st one had some mixed Yankees, including a very shiny one, and a game used for the PC that is non Yankee related. Here they are:

Some Mixed Cano/Yankees:
Needed a couple of these and boy will I miss Matsui, that mini is nice. A couple Mattingly's I didn't have and some nice Bowman's Best Cano's!

2009 Finest Mark Teixeira Blue Refractor /399
I have a few base cards from this set, and let me tell you this may be my favorite base card design of the year, add a refractor touch and a shining blue border and you have one heck of a card. I didn't have any parallels yet so I joined in the parade and I'm happy I did!

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Al Oliver Game Used
It was one of those days where all you do is go around sites looking for stuff to put in your collection, and I saw this and wanted it right away. I met Al Oliver if you remember, back in August, and now I just need the rookie card to get the trifecta for him! Sweet!

And trade 2....

2009 Topps 206 Robinson Cano Piedmont Jersey Relic
Well, I want to get all 3 types of this card as soon as I can, I have 2 now, the Polar Bear & now this. The card is spectacular, and although I am yet to get anything else I must say this is a great set. I'm up to 14 special Cano cards in my PC, not bad, although two of them are just numbered inserts from Baseball Heroes. A 1/1, 6 swatch, jerseys, YSL jerseys, Triple Threads, and more. Go Cano!

2009 Topps Career Best Cano Dual Bat
I've seen this card a million times and I thought I should although it looked really ugly. Boy was I wrong. This card is awesome! Love it!

Thanks to the two of you that made this happen, kyleb & markinca! See ya!

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