Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TTM #5- The New Highlight of my Collection!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, I have been psyched to own this piece in my collection and I couldn't wait to show you all. I took a chance at getting charged 30 bucks for this through the mail, but after a nice letter explaining (and highlighting) that I'm only 13 and my grades are great, I got this back for free, signed by one of the greatest living baseball players right now. Here it is!

First a little pamphlet that he included...

Those are the 8 good reasons, click on the picture to read them (you also need good eyes)

Well, here is the big thing....







I am shocked to have this signed. It is going in a frame in my room, but I don't know if I should get it authenticated first. Any way to get it authenticated without sending it in the mail? I don't really want to risk it, but I want something to ensure it's real so I can brag about it even more. I might be going to the White Plains show next month and at the August show I think there were authenticators, but I wasn't sure. Let me know what you think, through the mails are only going downhill for me from here, which kinda sucks, well, I still have another 8 x 10 of a Yankee legend heading in the mail. I'll let you know how that goes. If you want Yogi's address please email me ( or go to this site: Thanks Yogi, and see ya!


  1. thats awesome! If your not planning to sell it I wouldn't get authenticated. If you are still inclined to have it authenticated you could bring it to the White Plains show in January as there will be JSA, PSA & GAI available for authentication.

  2. Don't authenticate, just frame it...carefully. Fantastic!

  3. That is so cool! Wish I could get one of those, just my letter wouldnt say i have good grades.....hahaha, but yea, there is usually authenticators at the shows at hofstra and white plains, I might be going to the white plains show, so look for the tall guy in the pelfrey jersey im gettin for christmas, that will probably be me!

  4. cool
    i went to the Yogi Museum in september
    it was cool

  5. Very Nice Drew.

    I would try to get it laminated in U.V then frame it.


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