Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mail from Tristar... er... Topps, and an eBay purchase... again

Hey guys, Drew back here, I got a few things in yesterday. Tomorrow I will have a very special post, a few people I have told this to already. First though, I have to post the 2 other things I got yesterday, and a quick update on the contest. The winner, Spastik Moose gets to choose any card for about 10 dollars off checkoutmycards.com and I will buy it and send it to him. The other 4 will get a random game used/autograph plus some cards of their favorite teams. I gotta pick the prizes tonight before I do the random, but the random will be shown on here as soon as I can get around to it. Now, on with the mail.

The 1st thing I got yesterday was from Topps.... wait... what??? Tristar?

This isn't the first time I've gotten a Topps redemption, in fact I got one of these last year too.

This one is a Red Hot Rookie Redemption of Mat Latos, a Padres Rookie, who I've never heard of, but hopefully he's good. In the minors it says on the back of the card that he was 15-6 last year. Not bad! Last year was Chris Dickerson, this year Mat Latos!

I also got some nice eBay mail yesterday, a sweet Cano I needed, here it is:

Yeah, it doesn't look like anything special, but it is one of the short prints in the relic set, along with the Swisher, and only one of those has been on eBay so far. I got it for 15 bucks, but I could've gotten it for better prices in the past, but have been busy whenever they would end. I knew I had to get it soon before the prices go even higher.

Can't wait to show you guys my mystery mail! See ya!


  1. Nice Cano . But yea! I also got a package yesterday from Topps and was saying the same thing. I had to think if I had anything due from Tristar ! Weird stuff.

  2. Tristar Fulfillment Services is in the marketing and promotions fulfillment industry and is not associated with the company Tristar that makes cards.

  3. Oh, ok, didn't know a different Tristar existed. Thanks


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