Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mail from Saints of the Cheap Seats!

Hey guys, Drew back here, I got a package from Dan, Saints of the Cheap Seats. He decided to send me some stuff, after I made the decision that I needed to trade with my 1st subscriber in this blog history! So, he sent me some mixed stuff from the 70's to now. I love me some 70's cards, I'm pretty sure all we do is reflect on the previous in today's industry, ahem, Allen & Ginter, Goudey, 206, Heritage, it goes on and on. Or we go futuristic, in Upper Deck's case the future is supposed to be filled with x's. Blah. I'm talking Topps Finest or Topps Chrome like future, boy I'd love that. I'm gonna stop babbling now. Here's the video, watch it, NOW!!!!!:

Please check out this dude's blog! See Ya!


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