Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Coolest Blog Design Award goes to....


No, I did not rig this thing. Condition:Poor should have won in my opinion, I would give it to him but voting went in my favor, sorry dude. You wanna check out the design? Look around, there ya go, it's right here. Thanks everyone who voted for me even though I shouldn't have won, it's pretty cool to be recognized of having a cool blog design. My speech is over, now it isn't an award show without ol' Terry at our side. TAKE IT AWAY TERRY!!!!

There! Life is good, well, after Terry shuts up and finishes singing. This is my prize, thanks Beardy for making it! It'll be on my sidebar, trust me!

We still have much more to come! Check back at around 11:00 to see the winners for Trader of the Year & Box Breaker of the Year, and at around 11:30 Rookie Blogger of the Year, then at 12:00 for Blog of the Year and a very special award that nobody knows about. Stay tuned, have a happy new year!

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