Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hey guys, Drew back here. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday, it was so great for me. I got 3 boxes, 08 Donruss Threads, 09 UD Piece of History, and 09 Topps Chrome. I opened the Threads as you may have heard yesterday, and I got one heck of a sweet hit. I also opened the Piece of History, and other than one card that is definitely pretty awesome for my collection (doesn't book much though), it wasn't the greatest by any means. I am going to open the Chrome with my dad today, not expecting much hit wise but you never know. So just wanted to let you all know that, I also got 100 bucks from my grandparents, so now I am definitely going to that January show. And my Pop Popps gave me a sweet stack of 70's cards, including some of the best players that ever lived, cool stuff. Grandpa Roy is coming over today, so we're hoping to think up and write down some questions. We are planning on a weak next 2-3 months for the Grandpa Roy Column, until Spring Training starts.

So, for the awards, the last polls didn't go so well but I'll count them anyway, staying on track, the next 2 polls are going up today, so vote on them! They are the insert awards, what inserts did you enjoy the most?

Please vote for the awards if you haven't already, email me your picks for these awards to

Blog of the Year
Rookie Blogger of the Year
Blog Trader of the Year
Blog Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Blogger
Coolest Blog Design

and if you know YouTube, the same awards for blogs go for them. The nominees are here.


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