Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Card Company Awards

Hey guys, Drew back here, I felt like sharing my thoughts on the 2009 products with you. Very soon the nominees for the blog awards will be announced, but for now, here are my standings on some of the awards based on card companies & products from 2009, baseball and football:

Card Company of the Year:

5. Other: Not really much other than the 4 big companies to pick.

4. Tristar: Obak was a big hit, and of course Projections is a big seller with the prospectors.

3. Panini/Donruss: These guys kinda came back, it looks like they have done well in football & basketball thus far.

2. Upper Deck: The folks at Upper Deck didn't have a stellar year like 2008 but some big products were released, Goodwin Champions, O-Pee-Chee, and I really like Ballpark Collection.

1. Topps: Let's just say that Topps outdid themselves this year, almost every product this year came out on top. Their flagship set was the best in forever, including Turkey Red and Legends of the Game inserts certainly helped that. Products like Allen & Ginter, Triple Threads, 206, Unique, Finest, Heritage, Topps Chrome, and I don't know about you but I liked Ticket to Stardom too! Other than Topps Attax, all the products were thought out really well and Topps deserves an A for effort this year!

Baseball Product of the Year:

5. O-Pee-Chee: This set didn't have big expectations, but going to Target to find a nice, well designed 1.59 pack made me happy. Some of the cards looked a little scary but I think it gets in my Top 5.

4. Upper Deck Ballpark Collection: One of the best high end products available, because you will get at least one good hit in the box, unlike taking chances at Triple Threads or Sterling. Although the players paired on the same card have no meaning to be with each other, I must say that it helps with player collectors, more cards of their player in the set. I haven't bought the product at all but have bought 2 Cano dual jerseys, a 6 swatch with Cano, a Swisher Auto jersey, and I traded with Beardy for a Swisher 8 swatch.

3. Topps 206: Although I have been at Target/hobby shop 1 time in the past like, 3 months, and haven't purchased any packs of this stuff, I bought a Cano jersey and it is really nice. The design is untouchable and although it has it's flaws, we can't expect perfection. The photography is hit or miss but the hit's look incredible. The SECOND best retro set this year for me.

2. Topps Chrome: Hopefully, at some point in the future I can complete this set. (Speaking of completion, I'm gonna have a set completed very soon) I haven't put up a wantlist yet, but haven't really bought enough yet to try. The design is sweet and although most of us hate the World Baseball Classic kindling, the refractors are SWEET! And on card autos, how can you go wrong?

1. Topps Allen & Ginter: One word to describe this product: Wow. This was by far the best release of this product so far, and Topps hit a walk off, grand slam, out of the park home run on this set. Beautiful photography and the design can not be denied. Add in a nice relic/autograph design plus the possibility for rip cards and red ink autos, and wood cards, wow.

Football Product of the Year (so far)

gotta go a little faster now...

5. Topps Mayo: Sweet old school design and great relics. Plus the inclusion of NFL legends makes the second year in a row release a hit. But, the reason it isn't higher is the horrible autograph design, but let's not talk about that now.

4. Absolute Memorabilia: The high end product everybody wants. Again, it's hit or miss, but it is way popular with the collectors and is a best seller, so why not.

3. Topps Flagship: Yeah, I should've put this in baseball too, but, the football design was pretty nice this year, glad they didn't use the same design as baseball, it would get old. Great job again Topps!

2. Upper Deck Philadelphia: Sweet set, bought one pack only so far, but pulled a D-Bowe auto, now in the hands of the bearded wonder. The design again is very cool and there are some very nice on card autos.

1. Topps Chrome: Now, this is how to make a product kiddies! I love the chromified design of the base, plus the great refractors, this is a hit!

Baseball Insert of the Year: Propaganda Posters, from Topps Updates and Highlights

Very unique set, I don't think it's ever been done before.

Football Insert of the Year: National Chicle, from Topps

Again, cool retro design, I think 2009 was the year of the retro(ness)

Baseball Autographed Set of the Year: Allen & Ginter framed autographs

Simply.... amazing

Football Autographed Set of the Year: Gridiron Gems from Gridiron Gear

These are case hits in this product, and the autograph pulls out, and they are really cool. I managed to pull one of Dexter Jackson in last year's version, and it is sweet!

Ok, those are the product awards we will be running. These may not be our nominees, they're just my votes. I'm gonna have some mail up from Saints of the Cheap Seats tomorrow or Tuesday, we'll see. See Ya!


  1. I think your football insert of the year choice was weak. There's nothing wrong with the design, but I think it's been done and is a bit simple.

  2. Wasn't sure what to put there, not much to choose from


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