Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stuff from dad

Hey guys, Drew back here again, just as the Jets are getting their butts whipped. Anyway, my dad gave me some cards out of random yesterday, here they are:

Forgot-what-year Johnny Damon Minor League Action Packed RC
Sweet card to start it off. Damon is awesome, and hopefully we can re-sign him. Who would've though he would go from this:
to this:

Those Red Sox pics still give me goosebumps!

1987 Donruss David Cone RC
This is another awesome card! I recently watched the Yankeeography on him, and his story is pretty good. To be able to pitch a perfect game the same day Yogi Berra caught the 1st pitch from Don Larsen is remarkable. Great card for me!

1993 Bowman Andy Pettitte RC
Aw man, this is so much better than the 1st Pettitte rookie I have. He's had a brilliant career, and honestly, he could have Hall of Fame consideration although I don't think he'll get in. Getting an RBI in the World Series is something too!

2000 SP Top Prospects CC Sabathia Minor League RC
This one is awesome. CC has had a very good career and happy to have 2 different rookie cards of this guy. Overall, these are some pretty sweet cards!

Thanks dad for the cards! See Ya!

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  1. Aww man am I jealous of that 93 Andy Pettitte! He has always been one of my favorite pitchers; such a grinder, and he's got some style with the eyes barely pokin above his glove as he stares in at the plate. I don't really know where he stands in terms of The Hall. I read a stat the other day that says no other player has amassed more wins than Andy from 1996-2009! That's pretty impressive even though there are a lot of dominant pitchers that just overlap at the beginning or end of that period. But take Randy Johnson, Schilling, or Pedro for instance. Those are some top notch pitchers that played for decent teams and Andy beats them all out.


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