Friday, November 27, 2009

Grandpa Roy Question

Hey guys, it's getting down to the wire here at drewscards, almost finished with this year's Grandpa Roy Trivia for 2009! Here's today's question, now every point counts, who wants a prize???

In the NFL, teams who have competed for championships frequently have had strong defenses with colorful names.
What teams do the following names refer to?

Fearsome Foursome-> LOS ANGELES RAMS (Answered correctly by SpastikMooss, 2.5 points awarded to him)

Purple People Eaters-> MINNESOTA VIKINGS (Answered correctly by Anthony K, 1 point awarded to him)

Orange Crush-> DENVER BRONCOS (Answered correctly by Troll, 1 point awarded to him)

No-Name-> MIAMI DOLPHINS (Answered correctly by MattR, 1 more point awarded to him)

Sack Exchange-> NEW YORK JETS (Answered correctly by Mark's Ephemera, 2.5 points added to him)

Steel Curtain-> PITTSBURGH STEELERS (Answered correctly by MattR plus 4 players named, 2.5 points awarded to him)

Doomsday-> DALLAS COWBOYS (Answered correctly by Captain Canuck, 2.5 points for him)

Monsters of the Midway-> CHICAGO BEARS (Answered correctly by Spastik Moose, 1 more point for him)

Please leave a comment with your answer, if you can name at least 4 players from that team (along with the team), you will get 2.5 points towards the leaderboard! If you just name the team, you will be credited 1 point. Make sure you leave the team name no matter what though.

OK? Remember, no reference sites, only 1 guess a day, people check at different times of the day so we need to be fair and let them have an opportunity. Thanks guys, and good luck!


  1. Drew, I wouldn't normally answer a football question, but I think I know most of these believe it or not... I will guess at one and say the Orange Crush is the Denver Broncos-I think from the Karl Mecklanberg days...

  2. Steel Curtain - Pittsburgh Steelers
    Jack Lambert
    Jack Ham
    Joe Greene
    L.C. Greenwood

  3. Correct! 2.5 points for Matt R!

  4. Purple People Eaters - Minnesota Vikings

  5. Correct! 1 Point for Anthony K.

  6. Doomsday Defence

    the best front four of all time.

    George Andrie, Bob Lilly, Jethro Ough, and Larry Cole of THE Dallas Cowboys

  7. Fearsome Foursome is the Rams - actually heard people talking about it today in a card shop - weird timing.

    The players were Lamar Lundy, Rosey Grier, Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones.

  8. Correct! 2.5 for SpastikMooss!

    Keep them coming!

  9. Alright, it's been a day. I don't know the players, but Monsters of the Midway is the Bears. Was the Fridge one of those guys? Richard Dent too maybe?

  10. Sack Exchange

    Klecko, Gastineau, Salaam and Lyons. The defense of the New York Jets in the early '80s.

    Monsters of the Midway? Bears, yes, but back in the '40s. The name has been passed down.

  11. Spasktik Moose, +1

    Mark's Ephemera, +2.5

    Good job! 1 More!

  12. No Name Defense: Miami Dolphins.

    The only guy I remember from that defense is Nick Buntoconti.

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