Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey guys, Drew back here, just wanted to make a quick update on the awards. Since some of the panel members haven't responded to my emails, I came to a few decisions. First off, the only panel member so far that really wants to do this is the Troll, so we have one guy in the panel easy, convincing Canuck & Beardy to definitely wanna be part of the panel may be tough. So, I think I'm going to need another panel member, because 3 people picking nominees for you to vote for doesn't sound fair at all. If you have interest in helping out, and are a fast emailer, one I can count on to respond in at least 2 days, please email me at and we can have you pick some winners. Now, I also have thought out another thing, I need some football blogger help with this. We have currently 6 awards that will involve football players. Here they are, in list form:

Athlete of the Year (any sport)
Sports Moment of the Year (any sport)
Coach of the Year (any sport)
Football Product of the Year
Football Insert Set of the Year
Football Autographed Set of the Year

If you blog about football cards and know 2009 products well, please email me and let me know if you wanna pick 5 nominees and a winner for all those awards. Limit of 3 people to vote.

Now, the big news we have is now we've expanded beyond the Blogs, we're going to do Youtube awards as well. Tom the Ripper 407 on youtube has decided to help make videos for our nominees!!!

To bring more voters here, we will do the same awards for the people of youtube as we do for the bloggers. And no, you guys do not have to vote for them, but the people brought here to the awards from Tom the Ripper will be able to vote for their favorites. This isn't a small show here folks.

So, what I'm asking for all of you right now is absolutely nothing.
For the panel (Beardy, Canuck, Troll, possibly Tom the Ripper, any football bloggers, any other dudes interested) I will ask to please pick 5 nominees and your winner for any of these awards:

Athlete of the Year
Coach of the Year
Sports Moment of the Year

Card Company of the Year

Baseball Product of the Year
Baseball Insert Set of the Year
Baseball Autographed Set of the Year

Football Product of the Year (so far)
Football Insert Set of the Year (so far)
Football Autographed Set of the Year (so far)

Blog of the Year
Rookie Blog of the Year
Blog Trader of the Year
Blog Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Blogger
Coolest Blog Design

and for the possible Youtubers:

Youtuber of the Year
Rookie Youtuber of the Year
Youtube Trader of the Year
Youtube Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Youtuber
Coolest Youtube Channel design

That's 22 awards in total. For the panel, if you don't collect football, don't vote for those. For possible football collectors in the panel, if you don't collect baseball, let me know and you don't have to vote for it. If you are in the panel but are not on Youtube or watch Youtube, don't vote for those. Everyone must pick nominees for the 1st 3 awards, Moment, Athlete, and Coach.

Any questions please feel free to email me, see ya!


  1. Hey Drew,

    I would love to be a part of it all, but I think I'm going to be way too busy with school/work. I'm already falling behind in my quest to enter a card in Beardy's contest, but if I get that done then maybe I'll help?

    Also, do you have the 09 Bowman Chrome Cano. If not I'll send it to you for a cool .5 pts. I just picked it up at a card shop the other day.

  2. Have the refractor, but not the regular. I'll take it! Thanks!

  3. sweet! It'll be on the way tomorrow with a weird little oddball I picked up as well.


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