Sunday, November 1, 2009

I had to go to bed!

Hey guys, again, couldn't watch the World Series last night, because it just so happened that the game had an hour and a half long rain delay, I went to bed after A-Rod hit the reviewed home run! So, now it's Game 4, the Yanks played themselves a heck of a game last night, didn't stop fighting the whole way through, Pettitte pitched a pretty good game too. Swisher hit a bomb, feel good for him, because he's had a horrible postseason. Also, Matsui hit one out, and he's had a monster of a postseason (get it?)! So, just wanted to put that out there, pretty excited about the way things are going, next game is a MUST WIN for us, with CC on the mound for us and Joe Blanton for them. So, figuring that Cliff Lee pitches the next game (I'm scared of him) it could be a big turnaround for the Phillies. So, Go Yanks!

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