Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey guys, Drew back here, and I am proud to state that:


Oh man, it was 1-0 last night earlier, and I'm like, jeez, we better not collapse! But, our guys got us back on track, including Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira, who must've read the newspapers the day before! Jeter had a pretty good game, Swish got a hit, Cano did too, and A-Rod got on a little bit. But, indeed the star of the night was Andy Pettitte, who I thought did a phenomenal job on the mound last night. He knew there was a lot of pressure on him, to win it so CC didn't need to pitch another game after it. He pitched 6 and 1/3 innings, while giving up only 1 run. When Girardi decided to take him out and put Joba in, I shut off the TV and went to bed. But, with my sickness I got up at like 11:30 in the night and my dad let me watch the rest of the game. And of course, after Mo gave up his only earned postseason run of his magnificent career (please, no comments about spitballs), he shut down the 9th inning en route to a Yankees victory, or like the very obnoxious/annoying John Sterling would say:


Yeah, I don't like it either.

Anyway, the Angels played one heck of a series, I did kinda feel bad for them in a way. I hate seeing teams (other than the Red Sox and Mets) in the dugout sad while the other team is going crazy. I know I'd hate to be that team. Vlad Guerrero is a beast, that golf hit he had was amazing, and there DEFINITELY will never be a Vlad Guerrero again. Torii Hunter deserves respect, Kendry Morales & Juan Rivera came from nowhere to lead my fantasy teams, while another consistent Angels outfielder Bobby Abreu helped too. I really like Bobby and I wish he was still a Yankee, but if he was, no Swisher :(

So, Yanks vs. Phillies on Wednesday, can't wait! I started following baseball in 2004, so I've never seen a GOOD World Series in my life. It should go far, maybe 7 games even! I have a LOT of respect for the Phillies, good luck to them, but of course I'm rooting for my Yankees to win their 27th World Series!

Also, to make matters better, the Sanchise won a game yesterday!!! 38-0 too! Aw, shut up Drew, it was against the Raiders! But still, Shonn Greene, our rookie running back owned the field yesterday, over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns! Big game for the rookie!

Bad news is that Leon Washington broke his right fibula, and will be out for a long while. It stinks, but at least Shonn gets an oppurtunity.

And lastly, the Giants lost! One more loss for them and they have the same record as us! Hey, I am a semi-Giants fan. I'll root for them, but there are some catches (OK, a lot) I have for rooting for em:

1) Giants fans don't shut up about how amazing they are at school. So, really it depends on the week, if they are annoying enough or not.
2) If the Jets lose, the Giants better lose or Monday will be a rough day
3) If the Jets win, it depends on if I feel mean enough to hate on them, standings wise, like if the Giants are let's say 4-1 or whatever, and the Jets are 4-2 after their game, the Giants again better lose

But, in playoffs I'll root for them. I like em, but kids at school think the Jets are a joke. I gotta say there are about 7 or 8 Jets fans in our whole school. It's not a big school, but that's pretty pathetic if you ask me!

See Ya!

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