Friday, October 16, 2009

Grandpa Roy Column

Hey guys, Drew back here. I promised one of these last weekend, and that didn't work out so well. So, here's today's question:

2 of baseball's most celebrated feats are put into one for this question. With the recent uproar in free agency, it is near impossible to stay with one team. Derek Jeter, one of baseball's most beloved current players, is one of the only current players who have been playing for a while with only 1 team. Also, another celebrated feat in baseball is 3000 hits. A little less than 30 players have hit number 3000, and 2 even have 4000! So, my question for you is, there are 9 players (soon to also be Derek Jeter) who stayed with 1 team throughout their careers, achieving 3000 career hits. Who are they?

Hint: Only 1 of these guys isn't a Hall of Famer, and where he plays, he is FAR away from Cooperstown. Good luck!

1: Cal Ripken Jr., Orioles, guessed by Spastik Moose
2: Craig Biggio, Astros, guessed by Spastik Moose
3: Carl Yastrzemski, Red Sox, guessed by Captain Canuck
4: Stan Musial, Cardinals, guessed by Captain Canuck
5: George Brett, Royals, guessed by dkwilson
6: Robin Yount, Brewers, guessed by dkwilson
7: Tony Gwynn, Padres, guessed by mmosely
8: Roberto Clemente, Pirates, guessed by MattR
9: Al Kaline, Tigers, guessed by MattR

YOU GOT EM'! Expect a post coming up soon. See Ya!

Again, please no references, try off the top of your head. You could look stuff up anytime tomorrow, but if you do, you could any answer 1 player. If you don't cheat today you could name 2. This should be a relatively easy question, and you should really take advantage, that is, if you want to get one of the 5 prizes in our contest! Good luck yall!

The wind chill will make

And by the way, go Yanks!


  1. Cal Ripken and Craig Biggio. Those are my 2

  2. first, Derek Jeter is NOT one of baseballs most beloved players. Sorry. Not even close.
    second, Stan Musial and Carl Yastrzemski

  3. Brett and Yount

    Ichiro will do it in a few years!

  4. 1 minute too late!!!!

    Tony Gwynn in the only other one I can think of.

  5. How about a couple of old school buccos.... "Big Poison" and "The Flying Dutchman".....Paul Waner and Honus Wagner.

  6. Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente

  7. Wait, someone already said Clemente! I'll go with Aaron and Ty Cobb then. haha

  8. Someone already said those, oops

  9. Wow, I am a little late on this. Its already been said, but Stan Musial, Robin Yount, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, Carl Yaztremski, Craig Biggio, Cal Ripken Jr., Al Kaline and even though he played for the Mets, Willie Mays, I believe notched 3,000 with the Giants...I didn't read everybody elses comments, but I am gonna guess all these guys have been named. I do enjoy the Granpa Roy thing... Cheers!

  10. Sorry Collective Troll, Joe, & Dan, you all had correct answers, but were too late to make it in. Sorry :(

  11. sorry dude, you did name quite a few. but, from the swishers you're sending soon, you'll make 1/2 a point for each card!


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