Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is this guy telling the truth?

Click on that link. This guy is selling a 1/1 proof Allen & Ginter card of my boy Nick Swisher. He says the back of the card is blank, yet he doesn't show that it is blank in the 3 pictures he's provided. Let me know if that is real or not, even though still for $40 I'm not buying.


  1. Looks real to me. I got a Sabathia proof card earlier this year, and everything checks out except the sticker on the case. Mine looked a little different. I got mine directly from the Topps Vault, however. Check this out if you want a valid comparison.

  2. I think it is real. They are from the Topps Vault which is a Topps ebay account. I have a couple of the blank backs like that. I don't think they sell to well.

    Their home page.

    Examples from their ebay account.


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