Thursday, October 22, 2009

Clearing one of the things I was Clearing up yesterday

Hey guys, Drew back here. Sometimes I get kinda bored around here, not much going on, but now, there has been something going on, because I find a way to try to make this hour of my life worth it. In yesterday's case, it was really unnecessary for me to call out wickedortega and his awards, he's not doing anything wrong, in fact, he's doing what I wanted to do. The blog awards, which by the way are still on, and he said he is cancelling his because of me, which isn't gonna happen. We want wicked to either help out or do his job right? I think I acted like an idiot because I didn't even wait a day for a response, and because some things dropped into the wrong places I happened to think he was acting jerkish towards me. But it wasn't a problem. You know, with some things you love you can get bored of, so that means, like for example, a game, you want to change the rules a bit. Well, I changed those rules now for the 2nd time (sorry Offy) and I want to specifically apologize to wickedortega for doing that, and I'm sorry I made you lose interest in the awards, which we can't let happen. It sounds like he really wants to do it, but if he really doesn't want to do it let's not pressure him, I'll do it and we'll fine. But how about some comments to let him know that he can be part of our award celebration, let him know he's welcome to join me. So, again, sorry wicked for the way things turned out, don't put any of it on you, it's all me.

Anyway, today I received a nice looking card from eBay that I should have up tomorrow. I got it real cheap, bad part is it has one horrible corner and makes the card have less appeal. But for now, I want to share some of the cards someone new to the blogging community (doesn't have a blog yet) Joe traded me. BTW Joe if you're reading I'll have your stuff mailed tomorrow, Saturday, Monday at the latest. He told me he had some stuff for me, shipped it, and told me to wait on shipping back until I get the cards and see what's fair. Joe, I think you have a pretty nice package coming. Here's a recap of what this new guy has to offer:

P.S. Joe gets 3 points on the Grandpa Roy scoreboard for the Swisher's and Cano's he sent me! You should take advantage! Scoreboard is on the sidebar, and remember, the top 5 scores all receive a prize at the end of the year! Just call it the long and ongoing contest if you will!

I've been real sick lately by the way, I think it's a cold, if so, my 4th already in the young 2 months of school so far. I hope I don't catch the swine flu, there's been 2 cases of it in the elementary school in our district, 1 in 7th grade, and 1 case in my grade, 8th. So, I'll try to stay safe, hopefully that works out in the long run, and get out of this cold:(

I also have some more Grandpa Roy questions coming soon (maybe tomorrow?), and I want you guys to keep voting for the next card in the Hall of Fame!

Before I go, I want to give a quick shoutout to John of who sent me an email last night telling me about his site, and he sells tons of cards and sports memorabilia! So be sure to check him out, lots of old school cards and some new stuff too. But yeah, check that out for sure, and see you guys later!

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  1. Awesome dude, glad you liked the cards! I've got plenty more left in my binders, so keep in touch and I'll promise to do the same.



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