Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey guys, a lot of good news in the last few days. First, the Yankees are going to the World Series, Second, the Jets won, third, my fever is almost gone, and I only have a sore throat now, and I should be back in school tomorrow. Also, the Card Awards were confirmed, and I got 3 awesome packages in the mail! One from Mr. Scott, a contributor on Wax Heaven, who earned 5 points in the contest and is in the Top 5 now for all the new Cano and Swisher cards. One was a 50 card lot of Swisher, tons of stuff I needed, got it off eBay for like 8 bucks. Lastly, I picked up my 1st 1/1 off eBay, from Ticket to Stardom, the red base parallel of Robinson Cano! So, check out the video to see scans of the cards, and I'll see ya later!

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