Thursday, October 28, 2010

TTM #28 and Email Success #2!

Hey guys, Drew back here with 2 TTM's that I got in today, 1 of them being an email success. Let's start with the TTM, it was a good one!

Rex Ryan signed a custom for me! I sent this one out because I saw someone else on a forum got his autograph TTM on an index card, so I figured what the heck. I played around with some designs and came up with this one, which looks sweet because the card allows the autograph to be the first thing the person sees when they look at the card. This came out absolutely amazing, and I'm so psyched to own the Jets head coach's autograph! He inscribed to "To Drew" which is so cool, I always love when the signers inscribe my name on the items! It took 10 days for Mr. Ryan sign the card and return it, which was nice and short because I sent to him on their bye week!

Rex has led the Jets to a nice 5-1 start this season. He has a winner's attitude and will do and say anything to win us a Super Bowl. That could be a great thing for the Jets, but it's also a bad thing since, well, it is New York, and every single thing is remembered by reporters. Hopefully Rexy can lead us to the playoffs and more!

Next, I got an email a few days ago from my good buddy Vince Papale. As you may remember I got an autograph of his through the mail just because I sent him an email in appreciation of his contributions to the game last month. Here's what this email said:

Hi Drew,

Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I will be happy to send an autographed pic!

Be Invincible!


Well that was un-expected. I guess Vince didn't realize that I already received an autographed picture of him, but yet he sent another one my way! The first one was inscribed "To Drew, You Are a Star, Vince Papale". This one was inscribed "To Drew, Dare to Dream, Vince Papale". Sweet!

This was definitely a surprise, but it's pretty cool to have 2 of his autos. What a class act!

Thanks to Mr. Papale and Mr. Ryan! GO JETS!

See Ya!


  1. Awesome dude!! I prepped 2 TTM boxes today, we'll see if they come back. One is Trucks, whom you suggested.

  2. Congrats Drew. How cool is that to have your own custom autographed!


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