Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hey guys, Drew back here! Yesterday, I received an 8x10 from a TTM I sent out 25 days earlier. I'm really excited to have this, check it out:

Yes, that's right, Goose Gossage signed this picture for me! This isn't the first Goose auto I have, I've gotten 2 autographed cards of his before, but this beats those 2 easily! I've always really liked Goose, and I did announce him as one of my secondary PC collection guys when I wrote about that a week or so ago. He inscribed the picture with "HOF 2008", which was awesome, because my dad and I actually went to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame that year, so I'll always remember that Goose finally got the call that season.

I now own 8x10 autographs of 3 of the 4 living Hall of Famers that went in as Yankees. The only guy I'm missing is Reggie Jackson, someone I REALLY need an autograph of. I also own a Rizzuto 8x10 signed, and the Catfish Hunter auto on the card I just showed you guys, so I've been on a roll lately with Yankees Hall of Famers. Anyway, the picture came out absolutely fantastic signed, a big thanks to Goose, who I did send $5 to, and I can't wait to hang it up!

See Ya!


  1. I've got a Reggie Jackson autograph that came from 1995 Upper Deck. The corners are a little rough, but unfortunately it came that way directly from Upper Deck when it was redeemed. The autograph is great though with the exception of the Upper Deck Authenticated sticker covering part of it. I can send you a scan if you'd be interested in possibly trading for it.

  2. Yeah, sounds cool, don't know what I'd have to offer back, but I'll take a look. Thanks!

  3. Congrats Drew. What a guy.

  4. That's a sweet photo of Goose... and a beautiful autograph w/inscription. Congratulations!

  5. Goose has a sweet signature. You weren't kidding when you told me it scanned pretty nice. Good job, man!!


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