Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grandpa Roy Column


Hey guys, Drew back here. It's been a few months, but we're still kicking here with the Grandpa Roy Column. Grandpa sent me an email a few days ago with an interesting question, and I don't even know the answer haha. Here it is:

What 4 things do these 4 players have in common? The players are Carl Warwick, Cody Ross, Rickey Henderson, and Cleon Jones.

1. The Players Batted Right and Threw Left (Schuyler)

Okay, so if you weren't with us in June, here's how it works. You are allowed to guess one of the 4 things per every 24 hours. You may not answer more than one at a time, just so multiple people can take their turns and guess what they think. Try your hardest to think of this out of your head and not use a Baseball Reference, Wikipedia, or any other informational site, since there are no prizes for this other than you getting to recognize that you are a true baseball fan.

Good luck! See Ya!


  1. They were all born on Christmas? I'm mainly guessing this because Rickey was, and I don't know about the other 3. Probably wrong, though.

  2. Nice try, but that is incorrect as you thought haha

  3. They've all hit 2 home runs in one playoff game?

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  5. Sorry, just saw that it can only be one thing at a time. So here is the first. They all batted right handed.

  6. Bats right, throws left. Am I right?

  7. That's what I originally posted schuyler, but I thought that counted for two. That;s why I deleted my original comment.

  8. Schuyler, you are right, each player batted left and threw right, a rare combination in baseball.


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