Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mail from Chris over at On Card Autos

Hey guys, Drew back here. I'm receiving an award tonight at school and I gotta leave in a few minutes so let's make this one quick. I made a trade with Chris over at On Card Autos, one of the 3 helpers in the Worst Autograph Tournament, and here are the cards I got!

Other than one 2010 Yankee, yes, those are ALL Nick Swishers! Sweet! I needed a bunch of them, especially the 2006 Oakland team set card, which would've been hard to find.

The coolest card in my opinion from this package was this though. Sure, I need the other 34 now, but I got the 1st refractor, which are also pretty hard to come by, and it's numbered 306/500!

Thanks so much Chris! I'll be back hopefully tomorrow, got such a busy schedule this spring! See Ya!

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