Monday, June 28, 2010

Confirmation Gift from Dad: Hit Gold!

Hey guys, Drew back here. We had a party celebrating my Confirmation yesterday, and my dad, yeah, again, got me boxes of cards. Which is very awesome, just very hard to sort out. He got it for around $40 at a yard sale, and we hit gold as usual...

Yep, filled with cards, and this for the hockey fans...

I looked through most everything in the boxes. 2 cards really stuck out and made the purchase a true success.

An autograph of Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson! My baseball coach always talks about Brooks' stellar defense back in the 1970's, and this is my first auto of him. It can with a certificate too, like the Frank Robinson and Bob Gibson ones I already had. The "B" in the auto looks pretty bad though but I'm sure it's legit.

Right in the middle of the 1980 Topps stack I came across this one. The Rickey Henderson rookie card! Now I have what you may consider 2 of the most legendary cards of the 80's! I've wanted this card for a while now and now I have this and the Griffey.

With the help of my awesome dad, my collection is getting pretty nice! I got a ton of $ yesterday, and I don't want to spend it all, but I do want to buy 3 things. A jumbo box of Topps Series 2, a box of 2010 Allen & Ginter, and an autograph of my favorite player. Stay tuned, and see ya!


  1. That Rickey is one of the iconic cards from my youth. My brother had one and would never trade it to me. I would offer him ridiculously good offers, and I think after a while, he turned them down out of spite just because he knew I coveted it.
    Congrats on the Confirmation.

  2. I've been collecting for almost 30 years and I still don't own a Rickey rookie... I need to get on the ball. This was definitely a great find... with the addition of the Robinson autograph. Congratulations!

  3. Cool story Larry, and thanks guys!


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