Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hall of Fame Pickup!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, and I can barely walk now due to hours outside in the 90 degree weather for field day. Let's just say that I needed to play for at least half of my team haha. After middle school graduation tonight, I am done!!! This calls for a song...

Yeah, you guessed it probably

Anyway, I went to one of the smaller local card stores today after the half day ended, and I bought this:

It was $25, but looking at the comparing prices online makes me think I got it for an average price. This is now my second Goose auto, the first was the triple auto with Guidry and Tiant that I bought for $21. Now I'm going to looking for a Reggie Jackson auto, anything in the 40's- low 50's I might do if I like the card.

See Ya!


  1. nice pick-up... i want a gossage (pictured as a padre) autograph too.

  2. I would offer this guy 45-50 for this reggie if I were you.

  3. no that's not my card either... in case you were wondering

  4. Thanks... I don't know if I'm crazy about the mini sized card but thanks a lot for the help!!!


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